P1a Learning Log – June

Week Beginning 12/6/17

What is going well?

Harris – “making father’s day cards”

Seth – “meeting the new teacher”

Alex – “doing circle time”

Ali –“doing cards”

Magda – “sports day”

Lenny – “maths, counting in 2’s”

Sean – “ counting in French”

Hannah – when we did the running race in sports day”

Joe – “doing the obstacle race in sports day”

Brandon – “doing sports day, the sack race”

What could be better?

 Emilia – “writing th words”

Elle – “writing in our cards”

Jay –“trying to learn new sounds”

Tia – “learning about the th sound”

Luo Lin – doing the sack race”

Adrian – “consonant blends, nk/ng”

This week we really enjoyed meeting our new teacher and doing sports day.


Week Beginning 5/6/17

What is going well?

Magda – “running for sports day”

Elle – “ folding stuff in half” to make fractions

Harris – “doing Fractions”

Hannah – “writing sentences”

Finlay – “learning the ft sound”

Emilia – “egg and spoon race”

Joe –“number bonds up to 10”

Kshitiz –“counting backwards from 20”

What could be better?

Adrian – “the consonant blends”

Tia – “counting up to 30”

Sean – “the mp sound”

Jay – “learning tricky sounds”

Seth – “counting to 100”

Luo Lin – “doing maths, counting in tens

Lenny –“learning the rk sound”

Alex – “learning about senses, ears”



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