P5a – Learning Log 31st March

These are all the things that P5a thought went well this week!

Cameron – I enjoyed the trip because I have never seen a stop-motion film. I liked having no homework – it gave us time at home to do what we wanted like playing outside.

Aiden – I liked PE because it was really fun learning how to do a jab.

Ellie S – I like writing the newspapers and it was really fun and I concentrated really well which I haven’t done in a while.

Marcus – Maths because I have been learning more times tables.

Arnold – Times table posters, it helped me learn new strategies.

Sam – Kensuke’s Kingdom – I enjoyed all of it!

Paige – I enjoyed learning 5ths and tenths – it was hard but it was still fun.

Trinity – I think Maths was good because I liked working with Nicole and it made it much better working together.

We are all looking forward to the holidays!

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