Learning Log 17th March 2017


Learning Log

Enterprise: This week in enterprise (maths) we were making boxes, bunting and posters. We also filmed a short advert to tell the school about our P7 bake sale. So far, our group has been working together very well and we feel that our stall is coming on nicely! Our group is selling Top Hats on Thursday 23rd March. Hope to see you there!


Music: In Music we have been learning how to talk in an American accent, to help with our P7 leavers show. We have been practising some songs in our American accents to make our show more realistic!


Reading: This week in reading, our group were doing Tricky Thinking Problems about Dinosaurs. We are learning how to answer literal, evaluative and inferential questions. It was quite long so we didn’t get all questions done. The other two groups did an SRA and read their books which are: ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ and ‘William Wallace and All That’. The ‘Dragon’ group are using Bloom’s Taxonomy to write questions about what they have been reading. The’Wallace’ group are creating a timeline for the life of William Wallace.


P.E: Hockey is our new topic in P.E. with Mrs McLaughlin. As this was our first lesson, we were learning some basic skills and the rules of a hockey game. At the end we were able to have 10 minutes to do what we wanted as long as it was related to hockey. Our group did hockey rounders. With Ms Milne we did basic basketball throws and revised the rules of a basketball game. We played a few games at the end in two teams!







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