P2a March Learning Log

2nd March 2017

“Adding within 10 in maths, I liked the challenge of finding ways of making 10.”



“I liked writing about my favourite book for world book day.” –Jackson


“ I liked playing games of football in p.e.” –Rory


“I learnt 2 new tricky words. They are learn and money.” –Erskine


“I liked counting to 20 in French and then back to 0, it was tricky.” -Courtney
10th March 2017

What is going well in p2?

“I liked football in gym, we learnt to toe tap.” –Zoe

“We were measuring things with cubes in maths, it was good.” –Cole

“I know there are 5 food groups and we should eat things from all of them to be healthy.” –Krystian

“I liked sorting things from shortest to longest in maths, it was fun.” -Kendyll

“ We were learning to read and build soft c and soft g words in literacy.” –Finlay H  


What could be better in p2?

“I want to make Aiken Drum out of fruit and vegetables. I liked that song.” -Martin

I think we should find some healthy eating games to play in the classroom.” –Rory

“ I would like to do some landscape art.”-Florence

“I would like to do more healthy cooking.”-Kian

“I like animals and would like to do animal art.” -Charlie
We have been busy learning how to measure this week. First we looked at sorting objects from shortest to longest and then we used cubes to help us measure things around the room. Before we measured objects we had to remember to estimate how many cubes long an object would be. We had great fun measuring things around our classroom!

17th March 2017

What is going well in p2?

“I enjoyed learning more football tricks in p.e with Neal.” –Finlay D

“I liked playing football in p.e, it was good to learn some tricks.” –Nina

“I liked working with Miss Alexander this week to sound out and build compound words.” –Zahra

“In living and growing I learnt that people are different and that it is okay to be different. “ –Amy

“I liked writing instructions about how to wash your hands properly.” -Dan


What could be better in p2?

“To learn harder football tricks in p.e.” -Tymi

“To learn more about washing hands and keeping clean to stop germs spreading.” 


“To learn more tricky words.” –Ethar

“To listen to the Aiken Drum song again and make the fruit man.” –Martin

“To do more gymnastics in p.e again.”  -Georgia

This week in topic we have been learning about where our food comes from. We learnt that a lot of our foods come from farms and that we have animal and plant products. We worked together to look at pictures of foods and sorted them into the correct food groups.

24th March 2017

What is going well?

“I enjoyed gym this week. I like when Neal teaches us football.”  -Ethar

“I enjoyed scoring a hatrick in football.” –Dan

“I liked learning how to measure the area of objects in the classroom.” -Georgia

“I liked doing adding sums in maths.”-Kaitlyn

“I liked learning about the story of Guru Nanak. He taught people about being kind and fair.” -Erskine


What could be better?

“I want to get better at reading tricky words.” –Jayden

“I want to find out more about where food comes from.” –Amy

“I would like tog et better at telling the time.” –Krystian

“To try and write the alphabet without looking at it and to put things in alphabetical order.” –Charlie

“To count higher in French, maybe to 100.” -Kian


27th March 2017 

What is going well?

“I know that syllables are parts of a word.” –Zoe

“I liked measuring the area of objects in the classroom.” –Finlay D

“I liked learning about syllables in literacy.” –Martin

“I liked playing football matches with Neal.” –Rory

“I liked building compound words in literacy” – Jackson


What could be better?

“I would like to make Aiken Drum with fruit.” -Erskine

“I would like to try reading longer words without any help.” –Ayla

“I would like to learn new skills and tricks in football.” –Kian

“I like doing still life art and would like to do more.” –Kendyll

“To do more measuring and maybe go outside to do some measuring.” -Amy

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