P5a- Supertaster Science Experiment

This week P5a took part in a science experiment to find out if we were supertasters! It is part of a BBC schools science programme to encourage pupils to take part in science.

We had to put some blue food dye on our tounges and count the number of papillae (the small pink bumps) that showed up. The more we had on our tounges the more likely we were a supertaster!

Our class had 4 non-tasters (they can still taste though, don’t worry). Here they are! 

We had 8 tasters. Here they are!

And we had an amazing 9 supertasters! This is much more than the national average, only 25% of people are thought to be supertasters. Here are our supertasters!

Below we have some pictures of our class just after they had taken part in the experiment (if you look closely you might see some blue tounges) .

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