P4a Learning Log September 2016


This week we wrote our Weekly Reviews on the computers. We were using Word and changing the size, font and colours and also adding designs. Some of us used Clicker on the ipad for our work.

Snippets from our Weekly Reviews –

‘This week I learned how to make a 3d cube. We put Op Art designs on it.’ Alfred

‘This week I have learned in my maths group more about arrays because I knew just a little bit about arrays. Now I know a lot more.’ Lainey

‘This week I learned about Optical Illusions and Dazzle. We made cool models.’ Marc

‘I want to find more about the Dazzle Ship designs because I like to learn about HISTORY! I love history.’ Charlotte

‘This week I didn’t like Big Writing because I’m not good at poetry because I’m not Robert Burns.’ Joey (I think this sentence shows you have good writing skills and a sense of humour which can be good for poetry. – Miss B.)






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