p2b Learning Log – November


This week we really enjoyed welcoming parent’s into our school and class to look at all our wondering work we have been doing around dazzle ships.

This week in class we made ‘dazzle submarines’ – Nicole

We made ‘dazzle poppies’ for remembrance day – Elza

We have been learning about magic e with i – Chloe


We particularly enjoyed visiting the Dazzle Ship this week.   In class we are continuing to learn about magic e. We have looked at magic e with o and have been practising word building and creating sentences.

During our class circle time we began to think about our new topic ‘sun, moon and stars’. Together as a class we spoke about what we already know and what we would like to find out about. We are very excited to start learning about our new topic.


This week in class we have been working on our special skill ‘organising’. We have been organising our whiteboards, pens, making sure our stations are ready for the next group and also keeping our classroom organised and tidy.

I enjoyed learning about am and pm with Mrs Salvona – Filip

I enjoyed practising the days of week and months of the year – Alizey

We have enjoyed learning new magic e words every week and are doing a super job of reading and word building with magic e.


This week we have great fun at the Christmas Fair and doing Christmas art in class.

I have enjoyed learning about the sun and earth – Nicole

We have been learning about magic e with ‘u’ – Brandyn

We have been working very hard this week rehearsing our nativity show – Laila

I enjoyed learning about money in maths – Severijus.

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