Respect Yourself

Respect Yourself 2


Unit 2

The main focus of this unit is on the importance of recognising and valuing ourselves
as individuals.
Nobody’s perfect but learning to accept ourselves warts and  all, identifying our strengths and looking after ourselves and our bodies increases our enjoyment of life and wellbeing.

The key messages shared are:

1. There’s no one quite like me
Here the children are encouraged  to reflect on the uniqueness of being. We may
be different to other people in some ways and similar in other ways.
2. Everyone has different strengths
The focus is to encourage children to understand the language and discover their
strengths and identify how they can use them more.
3. I treat myself with respect
This key message focuses on  learning that self care is important for mental wellbeing. It also is an opportunity to explore the importance of looking after their physical bodies too.
The Parent and Carer leaflet provides more information.