P1 Transition


Faye (2)

Hello from Ms Calder-Kelly (HT)

This year transition from Nursery into Primary 1 will look a little different at Hermitage Park.  Due to restrictions around Covid-19 we are unable to meet your child in their current setting and invite them into the school.  However, we have created a number of resources to help you and your child find out a little more about Primary 1 and our school.  You will see a slideshow below with pictures of the school to look at together and talk about what Primary 1 will look like.  We will be updating this page frequently with videos, slideshows and information to support you and your child.

Please remember that we are very aware that the children will be starting Primary 1 following an unprecedented time.  School staff will be working hard to ensure that we support you and your child with making the transition from nursery to Primary 1 as smooth and successful as possible.

I look forward to welcoming you and your child into the Hermie community!

Faye Calder-Kelly (Headteacher)

CLICK HERE to watch the P1 Transition Presentation

CLICK HERE to watch a short tour of the school

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Edinburgh council have also created a website www.bearhuntedinburgh.wordpress.com (which will go live on Monday 18th May 2020) to support families across Edinburgh with the transition into Primary 1.  Visit this website weekly and Edinburgh Bear will share details of  activities for you to join in with and have fun!

You might want to watch this lovely signed version of the Michael Rosen book by Isla Ross.

P1 Transition CEC Parent Booklet

Please see below a letter regarding P1 Transition from Lynn Paterson (Senior Education Manager)

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