P4a Learning Log -30th January – 3rd February 2017

Big Writing – we all wrote to Mrs Penman about our museum trip. Some of us tried to use paragraphs in our writing.  It was fun.

This week in Social Studies we learned about Ancient Egyptian Gods. We had to find facts about them. We also had to find out about Tutankhamun and create a booklet.

We had fun learning about similes and metaphors. We listened to examples in pop music and in a group we had to find similes and metaphors and say what they meant.

We are all learning about the time and how to read it on analogue and digital clocks. We had to plan cinema trips or work out how long things take.


P4a Learning Log – 26th January

This week we went to the museum to find out about ‘Death in Ancient Egypt’. A teacher at the museum took us to a classroom where we had a workshop. We got to handle real Egyptian artefacts and learn about mummification.

After that we had a walk around the museum. We enjoyed seeing the different things on display. We really enjoyed the animals and the hot air balloons. We all weighed ourselves together to see what animals we could match.


P1a & P1b Dazzle Topic Afternoon

Helena from the Dazzle Ship in Leith came to visit us. She answered lots of our questions about how the ships were painted and what they were used for.

Then we used masking tape to create different shapes on our own cardboard and painted them same way the lady Painted the ship in Leith.

We went on a Dazzle Ship letter hunt but we could only see the letters if we used a torch.

We made sea worlds with playdoh.

P6a Learning Log w.c. 9/1/17


Hannah’s Learning Log

This week I have learned a poem about new year’s resolutions. I think I did well at joining up my writing. I really enjoyed writing the poem.

In literacy I have learned how to fix mistakes on a piece of writing. I think I did well at spotting all the spelling and punctuation mistakes.

In topic, we were planning our Earth and Space topic. We had to say what we already know and what we would like to find out. We also got to give our ideas about how we’d like to learn about our topic.

This week I have enjoyed music and P.E because in music were tapping the person in front of us a rhythm that got passed to us and I enjoyed P.E because we are doing gymnastics and I love gymnastics.

We also did some multiplication quizzes on the Smart board. Some were easy, some were a bit tricky and some were really difficult. We were allowed to work the difficult ones out on our white boatds.

P4b Ancient Egyptians

We began our topic on Ancient Egyptians in Nov/Dec. We are learning so much about life during the Egyptian times and we still have os much more to learn. We really enjoy it becuase we get to do a lot of art and design activites and use IPads to research.

All of our Egyptian class work is displayed on our walls. Here are some pictures for you to look at!

We learnt about the Egyptian afterlife and what Egyptians believe. Many Egyptians make their own death masks to wear in the afterlife, so we designed our own! Take a look-