P7a Learning Log – 27th April 2017

This week I had a number of learning successes.  My learning success were that I learned more about negative numbers and I can now add and subtract them accurately.  Also this week I have really enjoyed starting to read my ‘Reading for Enjoyment’ book ‘Hitler’s Canary’.  I am really getting into it and I am enjoying the tasks we are doing linked to our books.  ‘The Roaring Twenties’ is our new topic.  We are learning about this because we are doing Bugsy Malone for our show and it is set in the 20s.  We are learning about the economic boom. The economic boom was in USA in 1920. It means that the Americans were making more money because they were getting paid more which allowed them to spend more.
*This week I enjoyed maths because it was interesting and harder so I had to work on hard  maths.

*This week I enjoyed the roaring twenties because I learned about the economic boom.
Wish: I wish that I could learn more about negative numbers.

By Brad

P7a Learning Log 20th April 2017

This week I learned about negative numbers.  Before we started learning about them I didn’t know anything about negative numbers and now I know what they are and how to add and subtract them.

This week in P.E with Mrs McLaughlin we were running for Interscholastics trials and Mrs McLaughlin was timing us.  From this a team will be selected for the Interscholastics competition.

I think I need to learn more about the ‘Roaring Twenties’ because that is our new topic and I know nothing about it apart from alcohol was illegal then.

I enjoy reading ‘Wonder’ because it sounds interesting and I can’t wait to see what happens in it.

Star: negative numbers because I think they are fun and easy.

Star: bugsy malone songs because I like singing the songs and they are catchy.

Wish: I wish that we can do a lot more art because we hardly do that much.


by Tierney

P7a Learning log 3/3/17

This week we went on a trip to ‘The Hub’, it was called ‘The Art of Listening’.  I learned that by using a piano you can perform almost any type of music.

I found maths quite challenging because we were multiplying amounts of money by 10 but I understand it now.

I enjoyed bikeability this week because we played quite a lot of games and I was good at a couple of the games.

Also at the hub we did a relaxation activity where somebody played his piano while we all sat down and then after that we all drew pictures to show what our reactions were to the classical music.

By Jack


P7a Learning Log 23/02/17

This week we learned about certain maths things to help us with our Enterprise topic. We were split into groups and worked on division, long multiplication and adding and subtracting money.  This will help us make our Enterprise topic more successful by helping us work out the costings and potential profits.

Some of us also did bike ability this week but only the people who wanted to. We did a test to make sure that our bikes and helmets were safe to use and most of them were, at the end of the session we rode our bikes around the big ones playground.  We did this while Miss Firth did art with the rest of the class.

On Thursday we finished our personal project posters which are posters that compare our own country, Scotland with another country that the teacher picked (mine was Spain.)  We are going to present our posters to the class next week.

The final thing is that most of the class likes doing the new mindfulness colouring so I think that that idea that Mrs Gray had was a good one.

By Magnus

P7a Storytelling

We have been learning all about storytelling.  We have learned how to create story hands and story maps to help us keep the story in our heads.  We have also been learning how to make the story interesting when re-telling it.

We created a story map of Tam O’Shanter to be able to tell our own version of it. We used our story maps to help us tell an interesting and creative version of Tam O’Shanter to P5b.

We had great fun telling our stories and the Primary 5s gave us lots of great feedback to help us with our story telling in the future.  Thank you P5b for being such a great audience!

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P7a Learning Log 02/02/17

This week at school I learned lots but I can only say some so here they are:

In art with Miss Firth, I learned that Jack Vettriano got a set of water colours from his girlfriend for his 21st birthday, then he started to teach himself on how to draw and paint. He also won a OBE award.

In our personal projects, I learned (my country is China) in the ying yang sign that the black side is representing night time and the white side is representing day time. Also that most teas like green tea, oolong tea and rosemary tea and most potatoes are grown in China.

I enjoyed making up ideas for our enterprise. I think our best idea was popcorn and they could pick from salt, sugar or pepper , they could even have a mix.  We were also thinking we could make little boxes and put some popcorn in them and make a little movie themed ticket like there going to the movies.

I also enjoyed when the Spanish students came in because they were funny and there games were fun.

by Amy

P7a Learning Log 27/01/17

Learning Successes:

This week I have improved in maths (Algebra) as I now understand it more and I now am better at the balanced sums.

I have also learned how to do a handstand (well, the start of one) and also new ways to jump off of the vaults in P.E.

Bits I need to improve on:

I still get some maths questions wrong in Algebra but those are just silly mistakes.

I sometimes fall off of the vaults in P.E.

How I will improve:

Maths: pay attention a tiny bit more.

P.E: Try a bit harder to not let myself roll off the vault.

Star: Art because it’s nice to do something apart from maths and spelling.

Star: Boy in the Striped pyjamas because the book is very mysterious and intriguing.

Wish: nothing this week has been ok.

by Findlay


P7a Learning Log 20.01.17

This week in PE we have moved onto gymnastics.  We learned lots of new things.  I learned how to do cartwheel off the tall box and land on a mat.  It felt scary at first but then it was fun.  I learned how to do a variety of stretches on a bench.  I also learned how to run and jump over a small box without using my hands.

In maths we did algebra for the first time.  I found it hard at first but it is easier now that I have a variety of strategies to use.  I am looking forward to moving onto more challenging equations.

We have started using the Loose Parts Play equipment this week during playtime and lunchtime.  I really enjoyed using the new equipment because I got to play with a lot of different things and you could use your imagination to created new things or play new games.

By Jason