Louis and Iola 27/4/17 p6b learning log 

Iola-This week I enjoyed the hibs trip. I enjoyed the warm ups most.

This week I have enjoyed outdoor learning.

Iola-This week I have learned how equivalent fractions work.

This week I have learned how to tell stories in different ways with outside learning.

My target is To make my handwriting neater.

Iola-My target is to focus more.


Learning log p6b Thursday 9th February 

Li to evaluate my learning and set a target 

This week I was good at maths it was hard because we had to do a Venn diagram about planets and space .

I enjoyed daily mile because we done Follow the leader .

On Monday we had a house meeting about kindness we done lots of activities .

We had pe we done gymnastics and jumped of a big box and done a gymnast move.
And we done an application form to be an astronaut it was fun.

My target is to be a prefect and help everyone.

We learned about Tom peek because he is a British astronaut and he is famous he lived in a space station for 6 months and then when he came back he didn’t feel well because he was up in space 6 months it was weird but now he is fine.

by cole