P6a Learning Log w.c.19/9/16



Niamh’s Learning Log

This week in maths I learned what compasses are. It has one pointy bit and a bit for your pencil. TOP TIP- NEVER POKE THE SHARP BIT. You put the pointy bit in the middle of the paper and the pencil in a hole and twist the top to make a circle. I think I could have drawn better circles as it was quite tricky.

In P.E. I learned how to do a rally and I think I have improved in my rallying in tennis and badminton because I was  doing it for a while.

This week I enjoyed the green pencil award because it was fun. We had to write a story or a poem about a Scottish garden.

P6a Learning Log w.c. 12/9/16


Cale’s learning log.

This week I learned how to do a newspaper article and what we do is that we make a plan than we do it on a newspaper sheet.

I enjoyed the Christmas card because we got to make a background of different colours. I did a snowman.

This week I  learned  how to do French  and I now know how to say  my name and city.

We met our P1 buddies for the first time. We played a game with them and then read them a story. We all enjoyed it and we’re looking forward to  next time we meet up.

P6a Learning Log w.c. 5/9/16

Campbell’s learning log.


This week I have learned to draw 3-D shapes

I learned that an octahedron I is a bit like an upside down square based pyramid with another one on top.

We did our Iron Man dramas this week. Each group had a different task to do then we performed our dramas to the rest of the class and they told us what they liked about them.

On Wednesday I learned that there are two of each note on a glockenspiel, one on each side of the instrument. We played part of a tune that we are going to play on the 16th of September [next Friday].

P6a Learning Log w.c. 29/8/16


David’s Learning Log

L.I.to show what I have been learning this week.

This week in maths we went round different tables doing different tasks. I found it pretty easy. My favourite task was the smart board. We got to do times tables games and 3d shapes on Education City.

In BIG writing we wrote a letter to someone saying what we are enjoying so far in p6a. I wrote mine to my little cousin Isla saying each thing we do and I wrote down everyone’s jobs.

This week I enjoyed doing my 3D hand and the Iron Man pictures.

Also Hibs came to school and showed us the Scottish cup and we were singing Hibs songs. Martin Boyle came as the player we were all really happy it was him.

We also had band auditions. I would really like to play trombone. We got a shot of each instrument and the trombone suited me most.

P6a Learning Log w.c.22/8/16

Elspeth’s Learning Log

Friday 26th August 2016

This week I learned how to say, ‘That’s a shame’, in French. Here is how to say, ‘That’s a shame’ – ‘C’est dommage’. We also learned what to say if someone sneezes – ‘À tes souhaits!’

In maths we were doing a worksheet asking us about 3D shapes. My favourites are octahedron and tetrahedron.

We also learned a technique to draw our hands and make them look 3D!

I enjoyed learning about resilience because I think I am resilient.

P6a Learning Log w.c. 15/8/16


This week was our first experience of P6 – and we have already been very busy!

We played a game called ‘Find a Friend Bingo’, which helped us to learn more about our friends.

We had group discussions about what makes a great classmate and from this we put together our Class Charter. We then decided to add a Class Goal: Be the Best We Can Be.

We are learning tennis skills and this week we concentrated on thinking about our stance for serving and receiving, and over arm throws.

In Literacy we are thinking about usng varied vocabulary and we came up with some great ‘Wow words’!