P6a Learning Log w.c. 9/1/17


Hannah’s Learning Log

This week I have learned a poem about new year’s resolutions. I think I did well at joining up my writing. I really enjoyed writing the poem.

In literacy I have learned how to fix mistakes on a piece of writing. I think I did well at spotting all the spelling and punctuation mistakes.

In topic, we were planning our Earth and Space topic. We had to say what we already know and what we would like to find out. We also got to give our ideas about how we’d like to learn about our topic.

This week I have enjoyed music and P.E because in music were tapping the person in front of us a rhythm that got passed to us and I enjoyed P.E because we are doing gymnastics and I love gymnastics.

We also did some multiplication quizzes on the Smart board. Some were easy, some were a bit tricky and some were really difficult. We were allowed to work the difficult ones out on our white boatds.

P6a Learning Log w.c. 28/11/16


Michael G – We started to learn the Dashing White Sergeant. It was a bit tricky but we’ll practse it again next week.

Michael S – I learned how to set out a newspaper article.

Raja – I enjoyed when Helena came and we made our Dazzle ships.

Kiera – I learned that you need to use plastic and lightweight materials to make your Dazzle ship float.

Ryan – Your boat needs to have no holes or it will sink

Michael S – I learned that there are 1000ml in a litre.

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P6a Learning Log w.c.21/11/16

Megan’s Learning Log 25.11.16

This week I learned more about the trenches. The trenches were very horrible places. There was muddy water up to their knees. There was something called trench foot.

We had a rugby lesson on Monday. It was great fun! We were learning about getting into a good position and passing the ball to our team mates.

On Wednesday in music we recorded our parts in the WW1 radio play. We used garage band to record our voices.

I got better at shooting in basketball and working as a team. At the end we played a game of basketball. My team lost but it was fun and I enjoyed playing.


P6a Learning Log w.c. 14/11/16

Raja’s Learning Log


This week we have P6a’s class assembly. Our assembly is based on WW1. We learned a poem about Flanders Fields. This is the first verse of it.

In Flanders Fields

By John McRae May 1915


In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place, and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.


I got better at estimating this week, because sometimes I can get the estimation spot on and I know how to measure them. I found the estimation really fun.


I enjoyed P.E because we are doing basketball. I really like basketball and I improved a lot.


By Raja Musa 🙂



P6a Learning Log w.c.7/11/17

 Lennon’s Learning Log

This week Dogs Trust came in to tell us about dogs in WW1. The woman that told us about it was called Rachael. In world WW1 the soldiers in the trenches were freezing so when people brushed their dogs all the hair on the brush that came off would go into a factory and be made in to uniform to keep the soldiers warm.She told us a few stories about messenger dogs and told us other reasons why dogs were used in ww1. The dog senses are way better than the humans senses. Rachael told us a story about a messenger dog named Jack.We wrote poems about Jack the great messenger dog.

This week I also learned that John McRae, the poet who wrote ‘In  Flanders Fields’, was a doctor in WW1. I used to always think that John McRae didn’t fight in the war and just wrote poems. I really like the poem because it reminds you of all the soldiers that died in WW1.

Another visitor came to our class as well and it was the SSPCA [Scottish Society Prevention of Cruelty to Animals]. I didn’t really learn as much as  I did when Dogs trust came but I learned a name of an animal called a pine martin and it’s a Scottish animal.


P6a Learning Log w.c. 31/10/16

We had another session with our P1 buddies this week. We were looking at the emotion ‘Excited’. We talked about what makes us excited, how we can tell that people are excited and what our bodies feel like when we are excited. Then we danced to the song, ‘I’m so excited’. That was great fun!

On Thursday morning we went on a trip to Trinity House. We were all given a kit bag and we got to be sailors and detectives. When we were sailors we went into the Great Hall and saw lots of things connected to Leith’s involvement with the sea. We liked looking at the gigantic painting and the models of ships. When we were detectives we had to wear white gloves and we got to handle and investigate lots of objects. There was a whale’s tooth with lots of carvings on it, some ropes for tying knots with and a flare gun. We had a great time and learned lots about the history of Leith.


P6a Learning Log w.c. 24/10/16


We have been learning how to draw angles with a protractor this week. We got on really well with it.

We had a fire drill, which went really well. A few of us got a bit of a fright as the siren was so loud, but we all stood up and lined up straight away. We stayed together and got out really quickly. When we got back to the classroom we talked about what we would do if we were in different parts of the school when the alarm went off.

We learned about some of the jobs that women had to do during WW1. They worked very hard because they had to do all of the work at home and then they had to do lots of the jobs that the men used to do.

In literacy we were uplevelling our sentences, which means improving them by adding or changing vocabulary, connectives, openers or punctuation. It was a bit tricky at first, but we got the hang of it.


P6a Learning Log w.c. 10/10/16

IMG_0757Ryan’s Learning Log.

This week I learned how to use a protractor properly. You have to line it up at the bottom and it will tell you the degrees.

I think loose parts play could have been better because it rained and people started using the stuff as weapons to battle against each other. Even though that happened it was still great fun.

I also learned how to dazzle a ship by colouring in. You have to use different colours and they have to be bright for it to dazzle.

I enjoyed P.E. because there were 5 different stations. One of the stations was the climbing frame and there were the monkey bars too. We learned how to exercise with the ladders.

6a Learning Log w.c. 3/10/16


Zara’s Learning Log

This week I learned what dazzle ships are. They are boats that were made in world war 1. The boats helped by being camouflaged. There was a man who made different colours so nobody knew it was a boat to hit, and the colours had stripes and the strips were pointing in different directions so that the enemy couldn’t tell which way they were going.

This week we did a spelling test and in this spelling test I got 7-10 it was a bit harder than last week’s spelling test.

In maths we finished off our book. My group is called the Tetrahedrons.