P5b Learning Log December 2016


It helps us to remember our new spelling words and their meanings when we play games like Spin and Spell. You might have to spell the word by saying it or writing it or say what the word menas or use the word in a sentence.


More Spelling games

These are our wizard board games. You have to challenge your partner to spell your words the person with the most words on the board is the winner.


Maths topic

We have all been learning how to make nets for some complicated 3D shapes. This means you need to measure and cut very accurately. You also have to be able to work out what a 3D shape will look like if it were unfolded!

Learning Log P5b Op Art


Op Art

We looked at Bridget Riley’s op art paintings. The optical illusions that she made gave some of us sore eyes and heads! Here are our versions of op art.


Colour and shape

Colour and shape are really important elements of op art so we looked at some art by Victor Vasarely. We used simple shapes and hot and cold colours in a pattern to make this large art piece.


Communication and signals

Before radios were invented sailors had to create ways to communicate over long distances at sea. We discovered how they used flags to send messages on their ships and used hand held semaphore flags to send messages. When it was dark or cloudy they used blinking lights using morse code. Morse code was still used once radio was invented. We had fun creating our own messages using these different codes.


Famous Women

Once we discovered that it was women that painted the dazzle ships we wanted to see if we could find out about any other famous women in history and now. We first wrote about someone we admire and then we started to research about famous Scottish women.

P5b Learning Log for Dazzle



We “dazzled” the portraits of the six famous Scottish woman that we researched. Can you see Nicola Sturgeon, Elsie Inglis and Mairi Chisolm? These woman are well known for their work in politics or medicine.


Historic dazzling

This is Flora McDonald she helped Bonnie Prince Charlie to escape by dressing him up as a woman. One thing that all these woman have in common is how brave and strong and intelligent they all are or were.


Science Fiction Writing

We have been watching science fiction aninmation clips and writing descriptive stories about the planets and creatures. We are also creating and writing about creatures that would live on our planets.



We have been making sure we read carefully so we can write descriptions of characters from our novels. Then our partner draws from our descriptions. This is some of the images and descriptions of the Iron Man. This is the novel that one group is reading.