P4b Learning Log 19th – 23rd June

This week we revised our contractions. Contractions are the way we can shorten a word using an apostrophe, for example they are = they’re. We worked on them outside because the weather was so nice. We used chalk to record our answers and wrote them on the pavement. We shared our learning at the end!

Our novel this term is One Dog and His Boy. We made character sticks from either story our one of our own favourite novels. We had a lot of fun doing this!

We learnt all about Rights and Responsilibites. We talked about the differences and how they both affect each other. We then worked in pairs to outline the differenes and the links between them both. We then had to present our posters to the class and share our leanring!

P4B Learning Log 5th-9th June

This week in our Science lesson we learnt more about invertebrates that live under the sea! We desinged our own under the sea piece of art work and we chose the veretebrates we wanted to include!

As it is Democracy fornight, we had to campagin and vote for next years committees. We were given time to work to work together to help the candidates make a poster and write a speech!

In Art we had to design a piece of abstract art. It was hard at the beginning but once we used different colours and shapes the final product looked amazing!

In maths this week we learned how to find the ara and perimeter of a shape!

P4b Learning Log 29th May – 2nd June

This week we made vertebrate and invertebrate chains. We had to create information cards including diagrams and points of information on a certain type of vertebrate or invertebrate. In maths this week, we had create information posters to teach a method of maths we use. For example we made teaching posters for the Emlty Number Line, Formal Method and the split and jump strategy. We then had to present them!

We had. Very exciting lesson this week on DNA. We learnt about chromosomes and genes and how these make up characteristics. We made our own Reebop creatures using sets of chromosomes!

P4b Learning Log May 15th-19th

This week we have really been improving our fitness level and our athletic skills. We have moved on to ball skills such as dribbling a basket ball. We work on obstacle courses like running in and out of cones and jumping over hurdles. Thanks to the sunny weather we have been able to do PE outside!

In maths this week we had a big focus on division facts. We have been learning the link between multiplication and division and we are getting better a it each day!
In RME this term we are looking at world hunger. This week we chose a country in the world that is suffering from world hunger. We found it using at atlas and did a bit of research.

We had a really fun and interesting big writing lesson this week. We began writing our scripts for a play last week. We finished them and got to present the drama to the class. It was great fun and we learnt a lot about how scripts are written and the different things you need to write, organise and direct a play.

P4b Learning Log 8th-12th May

This is week in Maths we have been learning the formal method for addition of two and three digit numbers. It is challenging but we enjoy it! We also worked on our multiplication strategies. We made challenging gameboards for the class to use!

Our new topic this term is Living Things. This week we learned the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates have a back bone and invertebrates don’t.

For our class novel, Fantastic Mr Fox, we made our own book covers.

In RME this week we looked at countries that suffer from World Hunger. Next Week we will be looking at how organizations raise money to tackle this problem.

Learning Log April 24th – 28th

This week we went on a class trip to Holyrood Park and we had so much fun! We learned all about old old Scotland (over 2000 years ago). We took a trip back in time through a portal. We met many people along our adventure who taugh us how to make clay pots, build a fence from willow and comb sheeps wool!

In literacy this week we wrote a letter about our trip. We also started designing our own ‘WANTED’ Mr Fox posters. We wrote a description of what we will include on our poster. Here is some Fantastic Mr Fox masks we made!

In PE, this term our focus is athletics. We have been learning all about how to pace ourselves when we are running, and interval sprints.
In maths this week we looked more at the multiplication strategies we use to multiply by 8. We also looked at subtracting two 2-digit numbers.

P4b Learning Log April 17th – 21st

This week we have been working really well in maths. We have been looking at the link between 2, 4 and 8 times tables. We worked on subtracting two digit numbers mentally and we learned how to find the missing number in an addition calculation.

Our new topic this term in Planet Earth. We researched facts about Earth and designed our own planet earth using paint. We recorded our facts on the back. Earth is the third planet from th sun. It is over 4.45 billion years old!!

Next Monday we are going on a trip to Hollywood Educational centre to learn about old Scotland. We decided to look at features of the Scottish highlands to we looked up some of Steven Browns art work and we made our own highland cows. They are so colourful like all of Steven Browns art.
 Our new novel this term in Fantastic Mr Fox. In literacy we wrote a summary of the first 3 chapters. Summarising is a skill we are getting much better at!

P4B Learning Log 27th-31st March

This week we have been working really hard on our times tables. We started playing a new game. Miss Donohue throws a ball to us and asks us any times table. We are only allowed throw the ball back if we get it right!

We had one of our last lessons on our Scotland topic this week. We looked at the differences between living in the Scottish Highlands and living here in the city.

Our topic next term is Planet Earth so we learned a little bit about earthquakes. They are amazing! We wrote a bit about them in our weather booklets.

Because we are breaking away for the Easter Holidays this week, in Art we made our very own Easter Bunny Baskets. Have a look at us hard at work!

P4b Learning Log 20th-24th March 

This week we have been learning all about the geography of Scotland. We looked at famous Scottish Castles and some of the most popular islands surrounding Scotland. We now have our Scotland display set up with some of our art work.

We have been doing really well in handball this week. We are now confident with our over arm throw and our chest pass.
This Friday was our class assembly. We were amazing! We spend a lot of time this week practicing for it. We discussed our weather topic, including the water cycle and some facts we learnt. We also did a weather news report!