P4a Learning Log – 10th March 2017

In Big Writing I liked how the letter we read reminded me of a sorcerer. When you read it, it made me really want to read it all. The first line made me want to read it. – Scarlett

Netball was really good and a really competitive game and so fun. We are learning different passes. Miss Binnie scored lots of points! – Miller

In maths my group really enjoyed learning about fractions. – Dominik

We made leaflets about Scotland. We had to read books and papers to find out about Scotland. We did internet research on the iPads and computers to help with our research for our posters too. We searched the Forth Rail Bridge, the Wallace Monument and the Glenfinnan Viaduct. – Lainey 
Our Research

Some Scotland leaflets on display

P4a Learning Log -30th January – 3rd February 2017

Big Writing – we all wrote to Mrs Penman about our museum trip. Some of us tried to use paragraphs in our writing.  It was fun.

This week in Social Studies we learned about Ancient Egyptian Gods. We had to find facts about them. We also had to find out about Tutankhamun and create a booklet.

We had fun learning about similes and metaphors. We listened to examples in pop music and in a group we had to find similes and metaphors and say what they meant.

We are all learning about the time and how to read it on analogue and digital clocks. We had to plan cinema trips or work out how long things take.


P4a Learning Log – 26th January

This week we went to the museum to find out about ‘Death in Ancient Egypt’. A teacher at the museum took us to a classroom where we had a workshop. We got to handle real Egyptian artefacts and learn about mummification.

After that we had a walk around the museum. We enjoyed seeing the different things on display. We really enjoyed the animals and the hot air balloons. We all weighed ourselves together to see what animals we could match.


P4a Learning Log – 20th January 2017

Learning Log

  • Our joined up handwriting is getter better.
  • I am understanding dividing in maths more now. At first it was really hard but then you get to know more about it.- Miller
  • I learned a lot about division. I learned division is linked to multiplication if you
  • Getting longer stories in reading is great. In class our groups are working on Mr. Magnolia, Mr. Majeika and The Tunnel. These are good stories as they get you thinking about lots of questions. – Finn
  • We are getting to make our own PowerPoints and addin facts and pictures about Egypt to them. – Scarlett
  • We made ‘Rodophis’ storysticks and we got to imagine what things would look like in the story. It is an old Egyptian version of Cinderella. We used the storysticks to retell the story. It was fun. – Kritakshi & Scarlett


P4a Learning Log 2nd December 2016

Our Week

This week we read ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ in Muckle Reading. It was really good as everyone got a letter written and it was very enjoyable. The story was good and funny with good letters and pictures. We got a lot of WOW words from it. I think we were creative.

This week we enjoyed mental maths. It gets your brain working – is it this answer? I think we should do it everyday for our brains. Then our brains are working for the day.

In ICT we were playing on Education City. This is one of our stars this week.

Ruben, Aiden, Kalyssa, Marc and Tifani.

P4a Learning Log Dazzle Art


This week we enjoyed visits from Poppy, who is an artist, and Helena from the Edinburgh Arts Festival. They helped us to make fabulous masks for a ‘Dazzle Ball’. We used our skills in Optical Illusions to draw patterns and designs, then cut these up and added other materials to build our masks. They look amazing. We were also filmed for Forces TV. It was very exciting.






















P4a Learning Log September 2016


This week we wrote our Weekly Reviews on the computers. We were using Word and changing the size, font and colours and also adding designs. Some of us used Clicker on the ipad for our work.

Snippets from our Weekly Reviews –

‘This week I learned how to make a 3d cube. We put Op Art designs on it.’ Alfred

‘This week I have learned in my maths group more about arrays because I knew just a little bit about arrays. Now I know a lot more.’ Lainey

‘This week I learned about Optical Illusions and Dazzle. We made cool models.’ Marc

‘I want to find more about the Dazzle Ship designs because I like to learn about HISTORY! I love history.’ Charlotte

‘This week I didn’t like Big Writing because I’m not good at poetry because I’m not Robert Burns.’ Joey (I think this sentence shows you have good writing skills and a sense of humour which can be good for poetry. – Miss B.)