Generation Science with P2b

P2b had a fantastic time today in class learning all about ‘marvellous magnets’. This workshop was fun, interactive and we learned lots of new and exciting information such as magnetic attraction and repulsion, fields and poles and we were able to work with our classmates on lots of fun experiments. Through different activities in class we were able to explore magnetic forces… take a look at all our photos from today.

P2b Learning Log – 30.1.17

This week in class we have enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year. We enjoyed learning all about the Chinese zodiac animals and learning about how the colour red is lucky in China.

We are continuing with our new sound in literacy ‘soft g’ and have been working on reading and writing our tricky words.

This week in maths we were learning how to round numbers up and down to the nearest 10. We played games on the board and had different written tasks at our desks to help us practise rounding numbers.

We are looking forward to starting our new topic ‘Being Healthy’. During circle time this week we began to plan what it was we wanted to learn. We spoke about what we already know, what we would like to learn and how we would like to learn. There was some excellent discussion and lots of fantastic suggestions.

P2b Learning Log – 23.1.17

I have enjoyed learning about change – Karly

In class our ‘special skill’ is going very well we are looking after each other – Laila

I have been learning a pencil roll and egg roll in gymnastics – Oskar

I have enjoyed yoga and practising our balances – Brandyn

It was a lot of fun making our ‘be bright be seen’ gloves – Josie

I would like to get better at my sentences – Christopher

I would like to get better at my tricky words – Nicole


P2b Learning Log – 16/1/17

We have been working on our new sounds and tricky words in literacy – Brandyn

In literacy we have had lots of new tricky words this week. We have enjoyed putting them into sentences – Daisy

I liked learning how to give the right amount of change in money – Josie

I have been trying my best in class, encouraging others and working in a team – Laila

We have been working on posters in class and it has been great fun using our imaginations and writing stories about travelling to the moon – Eloisa 

P2b Nativity

P2 are very excited about Christmas and have been working very hard in class to learn all our nativity songs.

In P1  and P2 we have been working really hard on our Christmas Nativity. Learning all our new songs, lines and actions and practising our performance for the school and parents.

We had a fantastic time performing our nativity to the school and all our families. Thank you for coming to watch us!

P2b SEAL Maths – December

This week in our maths we have been counting forwards and backwards in tens all the way up to 100. We are also learning about odd and even numbers and counting in twos. We are getting really good at knowing our number bonds to 10 and figuring out all the different ways we can make a number.


We have been working on knowing the number that comes before and after a given number. At our written station we were writing in the missing number on our ‘number ladder’.

At our ICT station we were working on ‘Line em Up’ app and were ordering numbers in the correct order.


Today in maths we were working with the ‘rick racks’ to help us with our number bonds, doubles, near doubles and counting in groups. We were also working on our five patterns.

P2b Learning Log – December


It has been the final week of rehearsals for our nativity and we have all been working really hard.

I have enjoyed learning all the songs and my lines – Chloe

I have enjoyed learning more about magic e with e – Bailey G

I have enjoyed learning about money. I know 50p is greater than 1p – Nicole

I would like to keep practising our daily mile. We are building it up each week. We can manage 5 laps – Victor

This week we have started to learn our Scottish country dance in PE. We will be doing this at our Christmas party next Friday.


We have been working on our Scottish dance for our Christmas party – Christopher

In literacy we have been revising magic e – Severijus

We loved doing our nativity performance this week to the school and our parents – P2B

I have enjoyed learning about 2p in money with Mrs Salvona – Karly

We all had a fantastic time at our Christmas party on Friday.

P2b Dazzle Ship Trip


Today we went on a class trip to see The Dazzle Ship. We have been learning lots about our local area past and present and have been looking at The Dazzle Ship as a whole school. We were lucky enough to talk about Dazzle Ships both in the past and look at the one today at Leith Docks.

p2b Learning Log – November


This week we really enjoyed welcoming parent’s into our school and class to look at all our wondering work we have been doing around dazzle ships.

This week in class we made ‘dazzle submarines’ – Nicole

We made ‘dazzle poppies’ for remembrance day – Elza

We have been learning about magic e with i – Chloe


We particularly enjoyed visiting the Dazzle Ship this week.   In class we are continuing to learn about magic e. We have looked at magic e with o and have been practising word building and creating sentences.

During our class circle time we began to think about our new topic ‘sun, moon and stars’. Together as a class we spoke about what we already know and what we would like to find out about. We are very excited to start learning about our new topic.


This week in class we have been working on our special skill ‘organising’. We have been organising our whiteboards, pens, making sure our stations are ready for the next group and also keeping our classroom organised and tidy.

I enjoyed learning about am and pm with Mrs Salvona – Filip

I enjoyed practising the days of week and months of the year – Alizey

We have enjoyed learning new magic e words every week and are doing a super job of reading and word building with magic e.


This week we have great fun at the Christmas Fair and doing Christmas art in class.

I have enjoyed learning about the sun and earth – Nicole

We have been learning about magic e with ‘u’ – Brandyn

We have been working very hard this week rehearsing our nativity show – Laila

I enjoyed learning about money in maths – Severijus.