P2b Learning Log – 13.3.17

I enjoyed learning about compound words this week – Filip

I would like to keep practising compound words – Victor

I have enjoyed learning in literacy this week – Bailey G

I enjoyed open day and loved having parents in to watch us in PE – Eloisa

We have been measuring in cm using rulers – P2b

I liked learning about syllables – Eva

I loved our class assembly – Alizey

I would like to do more dot to dot to practise my number sequences – Elza

I would like to learn more about male and females – Polly

I would like to do more singing and drama – Severijus

I would like to do more art around our topic ‘Being Healthy’ – Bailey B

P2b Learning Log – 6.3.17

I have enjoyed assembly practise this week – Julia

I enjoyed creating our still life art fruit bowls – Maya

I have enjoyed learning about measure – Josie

I enjoyed the measure challenge in class – Oskar

I am enjoying learning lots in our new topic – Laila

This week I enjoyed football matches in PE – Eloisa

Next week I would like to do more reading – Chloe

I am looking forward to learning more in literacy – Victor

I would like to do more counting to 100 – Bailey B

P2b Learning Log – 27.2.17

We have been working hard on our class assembly in class and are learning a new song – P2b

I enjoyed learning about being healthy. I know you need a lot of sleep to help us grow – Daisy

Running and exercising helps us keep fit – Karly

It is improtant to wash your hands properly so we don’t spread germs – Sadie

I enjoyed ‘The Horrid Henry’ story it was really funny – Casey

I enjoyed Hibs football training. I learnt step overs and dribbling skills – Brandyn

I would like to learn more about fruit and vegetables – Casey

I would like to improve my football skills – Julia

Football with Hibs 01.03.17 – P2b

This was our second block of football training with Hibs football coach Neil. During our warm-up today we recapped learning from last week and thought about different skills to practise in our teams. It was great fun incorporating this into a fun activity looking at toe taps, dribbling and step overs. We finished off with some 5 minute football matches.

P2b Learning Log – 20.2.17

I have enjoyed revising our sounds soft c and soft g – Casey

I have enjoyed learning about rounding numbers to the nearest 10 – Karly

This week our topic has been going well – Laila

I know how to eat a balanced diet – Daisy

I enjoyed Hibs football training – Nicole

I would like to finish our fruit bowl in art – Severijus

We would like to learn more about healthy food and exercise – P2b