P2a December Learning Log.

2nd December 2016

We all had a great day today at our Christmas fair and enjoyed taking part in different Christmas art activities in class. 


9th December 2016

“I learnt more words with magic e this week and I know that magic e scares the vowels to say their real name.” –Erskine

“We learnt about money in maths. I know that when you count money you should start with the biggest coin first then add the smaller coins on to make the total.”–Rory

“I learnt the different coins and can put them in order of smallest-biggest value.”–Kendyll

“I enjoyed doing Christmas baking with Leanne, we got to do all the measuring and mixing ourselves! “–Ayla

“I learnt that the moon is made of rock and that the sun makes the moon change shape.” -Aairia


P2a November Learning Log.

7th November 2016

“I know that magic e scares the vowel to say it’s real name, the vowels are A,E,I,O,U.” –Nina

“We were learning about time in maths. We learnt about quarter past and quarter to.” –Ayla

“We learnt about poppy day this week and we made dazzle poppies.” –Florence.

“I learnt that magic e puts all it’s power into the vowels so that they can say their name and that makes the e silent.” -Dan 


14th November 2016

“I learnt that the dazzle ships were painted to confuse the German submarines.”–Kian

“I loved going to see the dazzle ship!” –Bea

“I liked learning about magic e with the letter o.”-Jackson

“I liked playing letter and word games on the ipad.”– Charlie


21st Novemeber 2016

“I liked learning the months of the year in maths. It was tricky writing them in order.” –Tymi

“Learning number bonds to 20 was good, I liked the minecraft song.” –Ronnie

“I am getting better at telling the time. I think o’clock times are quite easy.”–Emily

“I liked learning about day and night and making a night time sky picture.” –Jayden. 


28th November 2016

“I liked practising our nativity on the stage this week.” –Amy

“I liked practising our number bonds in maths, they are easy.” – Zoe

“We learnt about the sun in topic. I know that our planet moves around the sun, causing day and night.” –Ronnie

“We learnt to read and write words using magic e with the vowel u.”– Rory



P2a Dazzle Ship trip.

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about our local area, past and present.

Part of our topic focused on Leith docks and what this area was like in the past.

We learnt that in the past ships were sent from the docks to fight enemies in the war.

In order to protect and camouflage the ships from the enemy, an artist came up with the idea of dazzling ships.

Dazzling a ship meant that when it was spotted by the enemy they did not know the speed or direction the ship was going in so could not aim a torpedo at it.

We found out that an old dazzle ship has been brought to Edinburgh to dock at Leith and decided to go and visit it.

We really enjoyed our trip to see the dazzle ship and had fun playing the game Ship Captain, with dazzle themed actions for us to do.

We know that the ship at Leith docks is called Every Woman. The ship was given this name because in the war the women were the people who painted the ships whilst the men were at war. 

After our trip we went back to school and had fun creating our own dazzle ships



P2a Dazzle Day!


As part of our topic we have been learning about dazzle ships. We know that in the past dazzle ships were used in World War 1 and that there is an old dazzle ship at Leith docks now. To help us learn more about dazzle ships we had a dazzle day where we made our own dazzle patterns, designed our own dazzle ships and went on a dazzle treasure  hunt around the school. 

“I really enjoyed the letter hunt around the school”-Kian


“I liked making dazzle patterns with paint”-Emily


“I liked learning about dazzle ships in the war”-Ronnie


P2a trip to Lochend Park

img_3481_webAs part of our topic, Our Local Area Past and Present, we went on a trip to Lochend Park to find out more about the history of the area.

Two Lochend park rangers gave us a tour of different parts of the park and we found out a lot of  information about what the park was like in the past.

We had a great day at Lochend park and enjoyed looking inside the police box-it had lots of cool things like bugs to look at!

We learnt that in the past Lochend Park was similar to what it is like today and that there used to be a castle in the grounds of the park which is now abandoned.

P2a said…

“I liked learning about what has changed”– Kendyll

“The Lochend Park trip was exciting, I like going to the park”– Robyn

“It was good looking in the police box, there was lots of bugs in there”-Bea

P2a August-October Learning Logs

We have settled in well to our first term of primary 2 and we been learning a lot!

In maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, symmetry and directions.

We have learnt a lot of new sounds and tricky words in literacy and are enjoying reading and writing every day.

In topic we have been learning all about our local area in the past and present.

P2a said…

“In maths I liked playing the Harry Potter game for before and after numbers, it was so fun.” -Ayla

“I liked drawing maps of where we live and talking about the places we go to around our houses.” -Florence

“It was fun playing the children/teacher game in literacy-we got to test each other on spelling words.” -Kian

“I liked the sorting 2D and 3D shapes game.” -Kendyll

“In maths I liked learning about 3D shapes. I liked learning about the faces and using shapes to count them.” -Martin

“I liked working with 2D shapes-we counted how many sides they had and then we made shape pictures.” -Cole

“I liked learning new letters this week and making words with them. The games we played were fun.” -Bea

“I liked using the adding cards in maths with a partner when we had to say a sum and then write the answer.” -Nina

“I liked practising catching and throwing in gym, it was hard  but we got better at the end.” -Kaitlyn

“Learning about symmetry and pattern was fun. We made our own butterfly pictures using paint. We had to make sure each side was the same. ” -Aaira

“We liked learning about friendship and sharing and we read the story The Rainbow Fish to help us with this. We then made our own Rainbow fish.” – Emily

“Learning about direction in maths was fun. We had to give our friends directions to follow to guide them around the classroom.” -Erskine

“It was fun playing with the Bee-bots to make them move round in different directions too.” -Ronnie


p2a Learning Log January

13th January 2016

“I liked learning about soft c in literacy. I know that when c and e are together it makes the sound s.” –Kian

“I liked adding money in maths. I think it is easy but adding bigger coins over £1 is tricky!” –Kendyll

“I liked learning about soft c and trying to sound out words myself to write them.”                  -Ronnie

“I learnt new tricky words this week and tried to write them without looking. It was hard.” –Zahra

“I like learning about French colours and know some of them. Making the rainbow was fun.” -Emily


20th January 2017

“I learnt about star constellations and my own constellation. I made a dinosaur. “
– Georgia

“I learnt that no one can go near the sun because it is too hot.” –Nina

“I enjoyed doing soft c, I liked spelling the words out.” –Martin

“I liked jumping in P.E, using the springboard was fun.”-Cole

“I liked learning new words that have soft c in them.” -Robyn


27th January 2017

“We were learning about how to be healthy  and we made our own soup. We made potato and leek soup.” –Ayla

“We did an assembly about the sun, moon and stars to show what we have learnt in our topic. “ –Martin

“We learnt lots of facts about the sun, it is made of burning gas.” –Charlie

“In maths we learnt how to give change from 10p and 20ps.” –Dan

“I enjoyed talking about New Years resolutions and writing my home for school and at home.” -Erskine