P1b October 2016

We had a Dazzle afternoon! A lady called Helena came in to work with us because she knows a lot about the Dazzle ships. 

We used masking tape to create shapes on pieces of cardboard, and then we painted the spaces in between, just like they used to paint the Dazzle ships.

We made small sea worlds with play dough!

We put different things into a tray of water to see if they would float or sink!

We used UV torches to find the hidden letters in the corridor – they spelt out DAZZLE!


P1b September 2016

This month we have been learning about people who help us in school. We interviewed Miss Colvin and some of the prefects to find out what they can do for us.

We have also started looking at Dazzle Ships as part of our whole school project. We decorated and made origami boats in teams, and then put them in water to see if they would float or sink!

We named our ships:





Shark Attack