P1b Learning Log 16.01.17

What is going well?

“I enjoyed singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. We changed the words to ‘If you’re scared and you know it, cuddle a teddy’.” – Erika

“We learned the ‘sh’ sound like in ‘shoes’!” – Ibraheem

“I liked doing the ‘ch’ sound. Chocolate starts with ch.” – Kaede

“I like doing Daily Mile because I like running!” – Jack

“I liked playing ‘teach your monster to read’ on the iPad.” – Logan

“We did an experiment. We were seeing if the ice was melting fast or slow. The one on the pipes melted the fastest because the pipe was hot.” – Isla

“We made hot air balloons and wrote something that makes us happy.” – Nicholas

“We were talking about feeling down or up. When I’m feeling down, having a party makes me feel better!” – Tristan

P1b Learning Log 9.1.17

What is going well?

“We learned about the Gingerbread Man and drew pictures of him.” – Ellis

“Making storyboards and reading them to Primary 5!” – Tristan

“Painting winter pictures. We used white, blue, purple and black.” – Isla

“We painted trees on top and stuck on snowflakes.” – Sophia

“We did yoga!” – Aidan

“We have been reading the Kipper books. I like the Dad.” – Alex

“I like having milk time because we have a story.” – Klaudia

“I liked assembly because we got to sing songs.” – Jaxx

“I liked playing in the big playground.” – Jack

“I like doing pupil voice so we can decide what we get to do next week.” – Nicholas


P1b Learning Log 12.12.16

What is going well?

“The Nativity went well!” – Logan

“Reading stories about animals.” – Ibraheem

“Doing the class advent calendar to get different class treats!” – Laukya

“Playing Hairy Letters on the iPads!” – Layla

“I made a snowman cookie!” – Humza

“Eddie the Elf sent us a letter. He sent us treats to make biscuits.” – Theo

“Learning about cowboys!” – Paul

“The number game on the computer.” – Tristan

“We did a weather report. It was sunny and cloudy and a bit chilly.” – Isla

“We wrote a letter back to Eddie the Elf.” – Erika

P1b Learning Log 5.12.16

What is going well?

“Reading stories like the Cat in the Hat!” – Ellis

“I liked playing football in the playground.” – PJ

“I like playing in the house corner. We get to dress up!” – Layla

“Making winter snow globes. We used cotton buds dipped in white paint.” – Sophia

“Daily mile in the big playground.” – Tristan

“I liked painting!” – Zilan

“Little Red Riding Hood mazes – she had to run away from the wolf!” – Nicholas

“I did a colour-by-number of Little Red Riding Hood.” – Isla

“We did adding on the pizzas. We had to roll the dice and whatever numbers they landed on we had to put the bits of pepperoni on and count them.” – Logan

P1b Learning Log 28.11.16

What is going well?

“I liked doing Little Red Riding Hood. I was pretending to be the wolf!” – Logan

“Doing Christmas art and colouring in the Christmas tree.” – Joseph

“We made the classroom nice and Christmassy!” – Erika

“I liked working with my buddy in P6.” – Caiden

“I learned how to write my name.” – Kayla

“I like playing in the playground with Ibraheem.” – PJ

“Playing with all my friends.” – Jaxx


P1b Learning Log 21.11.16

What is going well?

“I liked playing on the computers and with the fire station.” – Humza

“Writing letters in the sand.” – Sarah

“Using the iPads.” – Klaudia

“Colouring in healthy foods.” – Laukya

“We are learning how to play hockey.” – Alex

“We read the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf gobbled her up!” – Isla

“I liked playing on the hammock!” – Kayla


P1b Learning Log 14.11.16

What is going well?

“I liked the magic show. The magic words were ‘stop’, ‘look’, ‘listen’ and ‘think’!” – Erika

“We made fruit kebabs.” – Klaudia

“I liked the talking lollipop man in the magic show.” – Aidan

“Practising the songs for our Nativity.” – Caiden

“I liked playing in the house corner because it’s fun!” – Kaede

“Learning about numbers on the computer.” – Caiden


P1b Learning Log 7.11.16

What is going well?

“Mum and Dad came in to watch me learning.” – Humza

“Doing patterns on poppies with black pen.” – Nicholas

“The Remembrance Day assembly.” – Jack

“Learning about animals.” – Zilan

“Hansel and Gretel drama.” – Joseph

“Doing yoga.” – Theo


P1b November 2016

We read the story of Hansel and Gretel and talked about different healthy and unhealthy foods. We made fruit kebabs and they were delicious!

We were very lucky to receive a visit from the Road Safety Magic Show. We helped the magician to remember the four magic words:


We each got our own certificate to take home!

P1b Learning Log 31.10.16

What is going well?

“Making a candy house like in Hansel and Gretel!” – Joseph

“Watching Numberjacks in maths.” – Alex

“Singing Nativity songs.” – Erika

“Making a giant gingerbread house and sticking on cakes.” – Laukya

“I liked counting fireworks!” – Sarah