P1b Learning Log 24.04.17

What is going well?

“We made flowers with scrunched tissue paper.” – Theo

“I liked learning about shapes in maths.” – Isla

“I liked gym because we were throwing beanbags on to a target.” – Alex

“I liked making a flower. We learned what a flower needs. It needs water, sun, time and soil.” – Jack

“I liked singing songs for our class assembly.” – Nicholas

“I liked drawing shapes like circles and squares.” – Kayla

“I liked doing the alien game for number bonds to 10.” – Caiden

“I learned to put numbers in the right order.” – Joseph

“I liked outdoor learning. We made our own creatures and I made a snail.” – Logan

“We had to find a hiding place for our wee bug. I hid my butterfly under the soil!” – Sophia

“I like playing on the ipad in maths.” – Klaudia

“We planted some seeds. We will watch them grow.” – Jaxx

Next week we would like to do more outdoor learning and remember to water our plants!

P1b Learning Log 17.04.17

What is going well?

“I liked drawing pictures of what we did in the Easter holidays.” – Erika

“I like playing the adding game on the smart board.” – Sophia

“We learned Jack and the Beanstalk. I like when Jack gets the magic beans.” – Caiden

“I like choosing time because I can play with the fire station.” – Logan

“I liked drawing the storyboard for Jack and the Beanstalk.” – Kaede

“I like playing with the Lego at Golden Time.” – Ibraheem

“I like doing the Daily Mile to keep fit.” – Alex

“I like doing Literacy on the iPads. I like Hairy Phonics.” – Jack

“I like number games in maths.” – Klaudia

“I like playing in the house corner. I like dressing up as the cat.” – Kayla

“I like learning all our sounds.” – Laukya

Next week we want to start practising for our class assembly, learn new words and count up to 100!

P1b Learning Log 27.03.17

What is going well?

“We learned the ‘ou’ sound in literacy.” – Logan

“I liked counting up to 50 in maths!” – Tristan

“I like colouring in during Golden Time.” – Isla

“We did Easter crafts.” – Humza

“I liked making the Easter baskets!” – Laukya

“I was working hard on my letters.” – Ellis

“I like counting up to 20 in Miss Brown’s room for maths.” – Kaede

“We learned about Jesus. When he died he came back to life and that’s why we celebrate Easter.” – Sophia

“I liked colouring in my Easter basket because I used lots of colours.” – Jaxx

“I like playing Hanging Monkeys in Literacy.” – Theo

“I liked learning the ‘ow’ sound like ‘cow’.” – Jack

“I did sums in maths. 1 + 1 = 2!” – Joseph

“Playing maths pacman on the computers.” – Ibraheem

Next week we would like to do some painting, play more games in the sand and do more exercise on Go Noodle!


P1b Learning Log 20.03.17

What is going well?

“Saying the words on the cards in literacy for our different sounds.” – Laukya

“I learned the oy sound like in ‘toys’.” – Erika

“Playing teacups and spaceships in gym.” – Joseph

“I like learning all the sounds in literacy.” – Theo

“I like playing the basketball game on the computers!” – Kayla

“We did the four seasons. They are Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn.” – Jack

“I like Geraldine Giraffe.” – Layla

“I liked learning about old fashioned toys like toy cars and a jack-in-the-box.” – Sophia

“I like the Season song because it shows us the seasons.” – Caiden

“In music we did the noises of the animals. We read What the Ladybird Heard. I was a sheep.” – Alex

“I like doing maths because we count up to 30.” – Isla

Next week we would like to do more Cosmic Kids Yoga, play more of the basketball game in maths and get better at sharing.

P1b Learning Log 13.03.17

What is going well?

“I like when Geraldine Giraffe teaches us our letters.” – Jaxx

“Singing the goodbye and hello songs.” (Fischy Music) – Kayla

“Writing letters in literacy. O and O makes OO.” – Caiden

“I liked doing time in maths. I made a clock.” – PJ

“Cutting out numbers in maths.” – Aidan

“Writing words in literacy like spoon.” – Alex

“Doing the oo sounds with Daddy at home.” – Humza

“We wrote stories about when my toy came to life. My favourite toy seal went underwater and caught some fish!” – Sophia

“My toy roboraptor went to the rainforest and climbed up trees!” – Nicholas

“My toy binoculars went to McDonalds and then went on a plane to France with all his friends!” – Tristan

“I like playing Hanging Monkeys on the computers.” – Layla

Next week we would like to practise our cutting out, learn new sounds and play more maths games!

P1b Toys from the past

We have been discussing our favourite toys and comparing them to toys in the past. We each made our own cup and ball. We decorated a cup then used string, plasticine and tinfoil to make the toy. The aim is to swing the ball into the cup!




As you can see it is quite tricky! We will keep practising!

P1b Learning Log 6.3.17

What is going well?

“Drawing and colouring different toys.” – Aidan

“Playing in the home corner during Golden Time. I like dressing up.” – Jaxx

“I made a house out of Lego. You could climb up to the roof!” – Alex

“I like playing the number game on the computers. It goes up to 100.” – Jack

“Learning about phonics on the iPads. The Hairy Phonics game is fun because you can write all the letters.” – Laukya

“Learning about toys and playing in the Toyshop!” – Ibraheem

“I like playing with the fire station because it’s fun.” – Layla

“We learned to play Jacks. You bounce the ball and pick up the toys!” – Joseph

“I liked watching the video about old toy cars. They weren’t multi-coloured like cars now. They were made of wood.” – Theo

“In the Toyshop we used pretend money to buy things!” – Tristan

“I liked playing games on the iPads in maths.” – Klaudia

Next week we would like to play more games outside in the playground, read more stories and play the monkey game in maths.

P1b Learning Log 27.02.17

What is going well?

“I liked playing octopus tig. If you get tug you have to be seaweed!” – Joseph

“Learning about money in maths.” – Aidan

“Rubbing coins with crayons. You put the money under the paper and scribble over it.” – Kayla

“I came as a storm trooper for World Book Day.” – PJ

“I like Daily Mile because it makes us fit.” – Alex

“I like playing number games in maths.” – Klaudia

“Playing the money game on the computers.” – Ellis

“The fish game on the iPads for maths.” – Humza

“Making our own money. I made £100 note.” – Kaede

“I liked World Book Day because we got to see everyone else’s costumes!” – Nicholas

“I liked the storyteller. He didn’t even need a book!” – Tristan

“Drawing our favourite book characters. Mine is the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass.” – Sophia

Next week we would love to learn what toys our parents used to play with!