P3b pattern

We have been learning about pattern in p3b. We know that you have to identify the rule of a pattern before you can continue and complete it. To start our pattern topic we revised colour and shape patterns. Here are some photos of us practising colour patterns. 

P5b – Outdoor Maths

We went outside to help us learn more about compasses. First we had to make a compass using sticks and chalk, we used an iPad compass app to help us find north. We wrote N, S, E and W with chalk. Then we directed each other around the playground using the compass points. 

P5a – measuring

P5a made the most of the great weather we had today and went outside to practise our estimating and measuring skills! We had to find different things in the playground, estimate how long it would be and then choose between a ruler, measuring tape and meter stick to measure it. 

P1a Maths

We have been learning about capacity in maths. We experimented with water, sand and cubes. We were able to identify whether the containers were full, almost full, half full, almost empty or empty.

P2b SEAL Maths – December

This week in our maths we have been counting forwards and backwards in tens all the way up to 100. We are also learning about odd and even numbers and counting in twos. We are getting really good at knowing our number bonds to 10 and figuring out all the different ways we can make a number.


We have been working on knowing the number that comes before and after a given number. At our written station we were writing in the missing number on our ‘number ladder’.

At our ICT station we were working on ‘Line em Up’ app and were ordering numbers in the correct order.


Today in maths we were working with the ‘rick racks’ to help us with our number bonds, doubles, near doubles and counting in groups. We were also working on our five patterns.