P7a Loose Parts Play with Smart Play Network

On Thursday 6th October we had a visit from Smart Play Network.  Two play workers brought some equipment for us to experiment and play with.  We enjoyed using our imaginations and being creative to help us build dens, ball runs and much much more.

You can clearly see from the photos how much fun we are having.

We hope to have some loose parts play equipment of our own very soon so we can enjoy doing this on a more regular basis.

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The start of Loose Parts Play

The start of Loose Parts play…

We are in the process of redeveloping the garden area in the nursery.  One aspect of this is the introduction of loose parts such as tyres and bottles.  The children have been able to use their imagination when playing to a greater extent and have shown great creativity and the increasing ability to risk assess for themselves.  Have a look at our floorbook in the nursery or the wall in the cloakroom for further information and news!

Nursery Loose Parts

Loose Parts Play
In the nursery we have had the opportunity to take part in loose parts play in the big playground with the play rangers who came to visit the school.  As you can see from the photos we had a wonderful time using all the loose parts and especially our imagination.  We have already introduced loose parts play in the nursery garden but this opportunity gave us more ideas of parts we would like and what we could do with them.