P1a Learning Log 24.4.18

What is going well?

“I like playing with the new baby in the house corner.” – Aiyet

“I liked doing the hurdles in P.E.” – Carmella

“I liked drawing.” – Christopher

“I enjoyed doing hurdle races with Mrs McLaughlin.” – Corbin

“I like dressing up with the robot hat.” – Dominik

“Colouring in Andy Warhol pictures.” – Finlay

“I liked watching the P3 assembly.” – Grace

“I like the new story corner.” – Krystian

“I like dress down day.” – Martin

“I like playing on the iPads.” – Matylda

“I liked getting my certificate.” – Maya

“I like our new painting easel.” – Milo

“I like doing puppet shows.” – Sophia

“I liked playing schools.” – Teigan

What could be better?

“I’d like to play with some new toys.” – Atharv

“I would like new colouring in pictures for the drawing table next week.” – Charlotte

“More hurdles next week in gym.” – Darcy

“Keeping the house corner clean.” – Devyn

“I want to do some Troll colouring at Golden Time.” – Inana

“I want to learn about more artists.” – Indae

“I would like a new buggy for the house corner.” – Lacey

“Do even more art.” – Tia

“I want to play with the sand more.” – Zosia

P1a Learning Log 16.4.18

What is going well?

“I liked playing in the house corner.” – Sophia

“I liked learning my new sounds.” – Lacey

“I like the new headphones for the iPads.” – Finlay

“I like using the stampers.” – Tia

“I like being able to hear stories on the iPad with the new headphones.” – Corbin

“I liked drawing.” – Devyn

“I liked making blossom trees in art.” – Maya

“I liked doing gym in the big hall.” – Darcy

“I liked getting a certificate.” – Christopher

“I like the new baby in the house corner.” – Indae

“I like ‘ToDo Math’ on the iPads.” – Matylda

“I liked playing with the sand.” – Dominik

“I liked playing ‘Hanging Monkeys’ on the Smart Board.” – Grace

“I liked drawing Spring pictures.” – Carmella

“I liked making things with the Interstar.” – Atharv

“I like playing on the computers.” – Ben

What could be better?

“I want to do more drawing in the sand with my finger.” – Zosia

“I want to play with play dough next week.” – Aiyet

“I want to do some more colouring.” – Inana

“I want to learn a new game on the computer.” – Milo

“I want to play with cars.” – Krystian

“I want to play a new game on the Smart Board.” – Martin

“I want to get some new toys for the babies in the house corner.” – Charlotte

“I’d like to do some more painting!” – Teigan

P1a Learning Log 12.03.17

What is going well?

“We sequenced how to plant a flower.” – Atharv

“I liked colouring in Pokemon at Golden Time.” – Finlay

“I liked drawing the four seasons.” – Carmella

“I’ve learned about being kind.” – Martin

“I was throwing beanbags underarm through the hoop.” – Maya

“I learned new sounds ai and ay.” – Indae

“I liked matching the opposite words.” – Teigan

“I like Hairy Letters on the iPads.” – Krystian

“I like playing Hairy Phonics.” – Dominik

“Learning new words.” – Grace

“I have been writing ‘sh’ and ‘ch’.” – Zosia

“We learned how a beanstalk grows.” – Devyn

What could be better?

“Play more of the basketball game for adding.” – Corbin

“I want to learn how to build a spaceship with Lego.” – Milo

“I want to do more Frozen colouring at Golden Time.” – Inana

“The basketball game was quite tricky.” – Darcy

“I want to make words with different pictures.” – Lacey

“Learn how to play some new games.” – Matylda

“Try and play nicely.” – Tia

“Everyone playing nicely with the Lego.” – Sophia

P1a Learning Log 5.3.18

What is going well?

“I liked making cards for Mother’s Day.” – Ben

“I like colouring in.” – Youcef

“I liked dressing up.” – Charlotte

“I liked planting seeds.” – Atharv

“Finding magic beans in the sand.” – Krystian

“I liked drawing and writing.” – Milo

“I like the Disney game on the iPad.” – Matylda

“I liked playing mummies and babies in the house corner.” – Indae

“I liked drawing pictures.” – Christopher

“I liked cutting out my card.” – Darcy

“I liked making shapes in the sand.” – Tia

“I like playing with the Lego.” – Finlay

“I liked drawing plants and flowers.” – Zosia

What could be better?

“I wish we had more sand.” – Martin

“I want to see our plants grow.” – Grace

“We could make some Easter crafts.” – Maya

“No more arguments in the house corner.” – Devyn

“Play the basketball game in maths.” – Corbin

“I’d like to do some more colouring.” – Inana

“I want to do big Easter crafts too!” – Lacey

P7b Learning Log – 23/2/18

This week I learned loads about germs. I have always heard the word germs as a bad thing and I still struggle not to, but I now have some knowledge that not all germs are bad. In fact, some germs you need, and I now don’t think of all germs as a bad thing. Continue reading P7b Learning Log – 23/2/18

P1a Learning Log 5.2.18

What is going well?

“I liked showing the class my singing certificate.” – Sophia

“We were working hard on our sounds.” – Lacey

“I liked looking for coins in the sand.” – Zosia

“I have been practising my writing.” – Aiyet

“I loved Generation Science!” – Finlay

“I liked learning about floating and sinking.” – Corbin

“I liked learning my tricky words.” – Devyn

“I like using the iPads.” – Christopher

“I liked Generation Science when the teddies did a tug-of-war!” – Dominik

“I liked doing science and putting different things in water.” – Grace

“I liked building words with the cubes.” – Milo

“I liked using chalk to practise our writing.” – Darcy

“I liked doing science and seeing how fast the cars would go.” – Carmella

“I like matching things together on the iPad.” – Krystian

“I liked having new toys in the sand.” – Atharv

What could be better?

“I want to make shapes in the sand.” – Tia

“I want to do more colouring in.” – Inana

“I’d like to do some drawing.” – Maya

“A new game on the computers.” – Matylda

“I would like to play Sonic Dash at Golden Time.” – Martin

“I’d like to draw Elsa from Frozen.” – Charlotte

“We need to get better at playing in the house corner and not arguing.” – Teigan

“Play with more Lego.” – Youcef