P3a Learning Log 16th to 20th January

This week we have been learning forward and backward rolls in gymnastics. Mrs McLaughlin said we were very good.

In maths we’re subtracting 2 digit numbers from 100. We’re also learning about time and the calendar. We asked and answered questions about the days and dates.

In art we made patterns with line.

In literacy the reds read a story about a bike and made up our own stories about a flying bike. We made story hands about the Greyfriars Bobby story. We enjoyed doing these. We also liked singing ‘Three Blind Mice’ in rounds. We are learning Scots poems for our poetry competition next week. The finals will be on Wednesday, Burns Day.

Alexei and Nora

Shoulder Stand

Story Hands

Nora and Alexei playing ‘Liar, Liar’