Human Body Leaflets – P3b!

This week we were learning about informative writing and had a look at the different types of information that leaflets can tell us about. We have also been learning about the human body so we decided to choose a part of the body, research some facts using the iPads and then put this information into our leaflets. We made sure to include a clear title, some information and some pictures to match! Hopefully we can share them with others and help them learn some new information!


Our Heart Rate – P3b!

This week we have been learning about what happens to our heart rate when we do exercise. We recorded our pulse beats per minute before, during and after exercise to see the effect. The harder we worked, the higher our heart rate was! This is because our heart is having to work a little bit harder. Here are some pictures of us at work!



3D Skeletons!

This week we have been busy learning about different parts of the human body! We made our own 3D skeletons to show how our ribcage protects some of our organs like our hearts and lungs. We had to follow tricky instructions which we have been learning about in literacy as well! We also had to be careful not to cut our skeleton’s heads off!!

20170512_091027000_iOS (1)