P5b Learning Log 6.2.17


This week we have been busy doing some more about time. We had to look at the written time and then say what time it would be in the time trail after we added more time to the starting point. Our challenge was to make up our own time trail for a partner to solve. Our group also did 3 digit addition to get to an amount already written.

Metaphors and Similes – Literacy

We were using similes and metaphors to make posters.  Similes are  saying something is like or as something else. ( e.g. Tom is as slow as a turtle.) A metaphor is saying something is something else but not literally. ( e.g. time is money.) We made a blurb using similes and metaphors. The blurb was about a scary incident that happened to us.

Health and Wellbeing

We were being food detectives. We learnt that our daily sugar limit is 24 grams. Too much sugar may cause diabetes or some cancers or heart disease. We looked at the sugar in different food with a sugar smart app.


We are each taking a piece of a Japanese painting and creating a class mural. We are looking at line shape and colour. We are learning to sketch our pictures before painting them with water colours.


P4b Prospect Bank Buddy Link

Primary 4b are this years buddy link class with primary 5 at Prospect Bank Primary School. We feel very luck to have the privilege of visiting the children at Prospect Bank every so often. This week , seven pupils, along with Miss Donohue and Miss Prescot, took a trip to Prospect Bank to visit our buddies.

We played classroom games, played outside in the yard and had snack together. We got to know all of our buddies names and they were very excited to have us there. Here are some photos from our trip this week:

The Wonderbag! 

As an introduction to our healthy lifestyle topic, P2a made potato and leek soup. We all had  a turn of preparing the ingredients needed to make the soup and had to follow instructions carefully when doing this.

When the soup was prepared we let it boil on the stove. We then used the Wonderbag, a slow cooker, to finish cooking the soup. At first we didn’t think the Wonderbag would work  very well. However, it kept the soup cooking for hours and in the end the soup tasted delicious!

P1a Hansel and Gretel Topic

As part of this topic we were looking at healthy and not so healthy foods. We decorated sweets and cakes to make an unhealthy house like the one from the story. Then we discussed what we could use to make a healthy house. We decided on lots of fruits and stuck them to the second house. The fruits looked so yummy! We were curious about where they all came from so we investigated this and got to try out fruits from different parts of the world.