P5a – Drama based on Kensuke’s Kingdom

We have been acting out characters from the book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. We had to become one of the character and imagine how we would feel. We had to answer questions from others in our group as if we were that character.

The characters we were being were Kensuke now, Kensuke when he first arrived on the island, Michael now and Michael when he first arrived on the island.

We had to sit in the position that the character would be in so if we were Kensuke we sat bent over.

Here is a clip of Mia acting out Kensuke now! 

P4b- Egyptian Drama

This week we designed Egyptian posters on the process of mummification. We learned all about this process on our museum trip. We had to recall the steps of mummification and then demonstrate the process to the class by acting out a drama. We used tissue to pretend we were mummifying each other. We had so much fun doing the drama and we will watch them back together at the end of the week!