P2a November Learning Log.

I know that magic e scares the vowel to say it’s real name, the vowels are A,E,I,O,U. –Nina

We were learning about time in maths. We learnt about quarter past and quarter to. –Ayla

We learnt about poppy day this week and we made dazzle poppies. –Florence.

I learnt that magic e puts all it’s power into the vowels so that they can say their name and that makes the e silent. -Dan 



P1a & P1b Dazzle Topic Afternoon

Helena from the Dazzle Ship in Leith came to visit us. She answered lots of our questions about how the ships were painted and what they were used for.

Then we used masking tape to create different shapes on our own cardboard and painted them same way the lady Painted the ship in Leith.

We went on a Dazzle Ship letter hunt but we could only see the letters if we used a torch.

We made sea worlds with playdoh.

P1a Dazzle Topic

We have been learning about Dazzle ships. We worked in groups to make some origami boats.

First we decorated both sides of the paper with different shapes and patterns. Then folded the paper to make a boat.

Next we wanted to see if the boats would sink or float. We even managed to predict some of the outcomes.

IMG_0246 IMG_0220  IMG_0223

IMG_0227  IMG_0232 IMG_0233  IMG_0243

Each group named their boat. The names were Rock Star Banger, Titanic, Dazzle of Hearts, Colour and Dazzle Ship.

When we tested them in the water, they all floated and this made us very happy!