3D Skeletons!

This week we have been busy learning about different parts of the human body! We made our own 3D skeletons to show how our ribcage protects some of our organs like our hearts and lungs. We had to follow tricky instructions which we have been learning about in literacy as well! We also had to be careful not to cut our skeleton’s heads off!!

20170512_091027000_iOS (1)

P5b Learning Log

Literacy :

We have been learning how to use speech marks and then turning direct speech into indirect speech. We used two characters to make up a conversation. We made notes for a debate – our debate was whether it would be a good thing to sail around the world with your family for one year. We had a good discussion remembering to take turns and listen to everyone’s opinion.


We are rounding large numbers and adding and subtracting with 2 and 3 digit numbers. We are using exchange and borrowing. In our Time lessons we have been estimating how long it takes to do an activity and then finding out if we estimated correctly. This will help us to plan things that we do everyday.


Our project this term is going to be about the novel Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Murpurgo. It is about a boy who sails around the world with his family, but it does not all go to plan!!!


We have been looking at a painting by Hokusai – a Japanese painter. We then made our own paintings using cold and hot colours.

Class Trip:

We went on a trip to the National Library to study maps. For our project we have made maps of our lives and we will be plotting Michael’s trip around the world from the novel.

We looked at how the area around our school has changed when we went to the library.

Studying local area maps at the National Library
Beverley showed us round the exhibition and told us about all the different kinds of maps people make.

We are really looking forward to working some more with Miss MacRae, who will be teaching us for some of this term.


P1a & P1b Dazzle Topic Afternoon

Helena from the Dazzle Ship in Leith came to visit us. She answered lots of our questions about how the ships were painted and what they were used for.

Then we used masking tape to create different shapes on our own cardboard and painted them same way the lady Painted the ship in Leith.

We went on a Dazzle Ship letter hunt but we could only see the letters if we used a torch.

We made sea worlds with playdoh.