Our Staff

Management Team

Ms Calder-Kelly –  Head Teacher

Miss Colvin – Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Black – Deputy Head Teacher – PEF

Miss Young – Principal Teacher (Early Level)

Mr Fair – Business Manager


Mrs Harrison –  Early Years Officer

Miss Mech –  Early Years Practitioner

Miss Durich-  Early Years Practitioner

Miss Fagan – Early Years Practitioner

Mr McGlynn- Early Years Assistant

Primary 1a

Miss Allan

Primary 1b

Mrs Russell-Hall

Primary 1/2

Miss Young

Primary 2

Ms Fairweather

Primary 3a

Miss Cormack (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Mrs Black (Wednesday)

Primary 3b

Ms Ziemons (Monday, Tuesday, Alternative Fridays)

Mrs Ross (Wednesday, Thursday, Alternative Fridays)

Primary 4a

                                                                           Miss Deponio

Primary 4b

Mrs Carson

Primary 5a

Ms Milne

Primary 5b

Mrs Duff

Primary 6

Ms Watson

Primary 6/7

Ms Binnie

Primary 7

Mrs Henderson

Specialist Teachers

Mr Craighead – Music (Wednesday and Friday)

Mrs Leggatt – P.E. (Wednesday and Thursday)

Ms Zeimons – SFL

Miss Alexander – SFL

Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Kennedy-Milne

Mrs Edwardson

Mrs Henderson

Mrs Johnston

Miss Littlejohn

Miss Milne

Mrs Pollard

Mr Theodosopoulos

Mrs Akhtar

Miss Smith

Mrs Serafin

Miss MacDonald

Office and Facilities Staff

Mrs Burt

Mrs Reid

Mr Caldwell