Primary 6

Art Competition

Congratulations to our Winner of the Scottish Rural College Competition. A big Well Done to all of those in P6a who did fantastic art work!

P6 Rugby Festival 7.6.18

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This term we have been having lessons in Touch Rugby every Tuesday. Our coach is called Ross and he has been teaching us all the rules and techniques.

Today we went down to Leith Academy for a rugby festival. We met up with P6s from Leith Primary and St. Ninian’s.  There were 13 teams altogether and each team played 6 matches. The matches were very exciting and competitive, especially when we played teams from our own school!

There were lots of coaches to help run the event and make sure that the games ran smoothly. We had a great time, we all played really well and we had a great time. We were there all morning, getting lots of fresh air and exercise 😊



P6 Games @ The Hub 23.5.18

The two P6 classes went by coach to Forrester High School for the Games @The Hub sports event. It was run by the Active Schools Coordinators and was very well organised. We were put into mixed groups before we left and each group took  part in a different event.  One group did rugby, one did volleyball and the other group did dance.

We all had great fun – the day went really quickly and we met children from about forty different schools! There was a really good atmosphere on the day, as there was an element of competition but it was still very friendly.

Here are some photos of the dance group. We learned the dance in the morning, then we performed it in small groups, and finally we performed it all together for all the other groups.


Primary 6b Learning Log – w.c. 14.5.18

In Percy Jackson there is a lot of action in the book since we are getting close to the end. We were all listening all very closely. People are thinking of a really good ending.

This week in art we all did a face from Picasso that we drew and coloured in the face. We had a game board that we would roll a dice and we would do that face.

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Play leader training went ok. We had the p3a class out and one group was playing games and the other group where playing with loose parts play.  In 2 weeks’ time, when we do it again, we will try to make sure everyone will listen each other and not talk over anyone.




Primary 6b Learning Log – 23.4.18

Jonny’s Learning Log

This week our co-operative learning was good because everyone tried hard, they all worked much better together and everything went well. Most people did all their jobs plus there were no arguments.

I enjoyed coding because it was good teamwork and you needed lots of concentration to write the set of instructions. It was really good fun especially when I was one of the robots.

I think everyone was well at rugby because everybody put loads of effort in and many people didn’t even play rugby but everyone was really good.

Next week I hope everybody tries harder in daily mile because some people are just slouching about and some other people aren’t even stopping at all, so more people need to do that.

This week, what I really found fun was the final time with our PE leaders from Leith Academy. We did a mini champions’ league and I got touch of the tournament and I scored a couple good goals.

Primary 6a Learning Log -April

Primary 6 are undertaking Play Leaders Training in preparation for moving into Primary 7. The trainers from Smart Play had them out utilising all the loose parts play equipment and thinking about how they could lead this.

We made the most of the nicer weather this week by getting outside for art. We were sketching the tenement flats to add to our art work. It’s so much better to sketch from real life rather than a picture.

Ancient Greece

Our Ancient Greek Vases are all finished now and are up on display in the hallway. They took quite a long time to make. We started with balloons and papier mache – it took a few layers! Then we painted them orange before adding our designs.  We had looked at pictures of Ancient Greek vases and read about the designs – like using the Olympic themes. Please click below to see our pictures. 

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Luke’s Learning Logimage

In topic we created some incredible artwork. Everyone tried really hard and they are so interesting.

We have put PostIts out for people to comment on our work. We’ve had some really nice comments.

imageIn Buddy Time we helped them by reading books and some buddies read to us. Everyone  was listening so well.

In P.E. we played with a parachute. We played two games. The first one was Fruit Salad. In Fruit Salad there are four teams. Team one is Apple, team two is Strawberry, team three is Blueberry and team four is Banana. One person calls out a team and the other teams must throw the parachute up in the air and the team that is called runs under and finds an empty place. When the caller says Fruit Salad, everyone throws the parachute up in the air and runs under. The second game was to get a beanbag in the hole in the middle.