Primary 6

P6 – Our Dynamic Earth Trip and Samba Parade

We went to Dynamic Earth to learn about how to be more eco friendly. We did a workshop and each group got to move round and do all the activities. The activities were:

1) Looking at plastics through a microscope

2) Mini Beach Clean

3) Food Cycle: plastic – plankton – shrimp – cod – humans

4) Identifying which recycled products were made from which materials

5) Identifying how long different materials take to decompose

After we had completed the workshop we did the rest of  the Dynamic Earth tour. It’s a different way to learn about things and we learn a lot about our planet and why we need to look after it.


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We also had our Samba Parade this week, with Mr. Craighead, which was fun. We have been working on rhythm in our music lesson and enjoyed letting the whole school hear what we have learned.


P6 Camp 2018

Please find below more pictures from our week at Lagganlia. We hope you managed to hear all about the exciting week the children had, and that these pictures help you to understand more about their experiences.


Thawed Out Thursday!

Today we had a 15 degree increase in temperature, which was an adjustment. With only 3 layers on we headed off to hill walk, mountain bike, abseil and the last group conqured the gorge walk. We finished the day by putting on our dancing shoes to attend the disco. One more sleep until we are home.


 Wintery Wednesday!

It was a cold and frosty start which didn’t clear all day! We all wrapped up warm, many layers were worn. Groups were skiing, gorge walking, fire building and canoeing. The children had a great time and have eventually managed to peel all of the layers off. The evening was spent on a night walk, which provided much hilarity for the adults.

First Full Day at Camp

Our first full day at camp was full of fun and challenges for all. Groups were biking, gorge walking, canoeing, abseiling and trying their had at archery. Even with the cold temperatures everyone tried their hardest and achieved their own personal goals

Please enjoy some of our pictures.

Reminders for Camp

Here are a few reminders for Monday:

Children must be accompanied by an adult on Monday morning.

Children must come to school with a packed lunch to be eaten on arrival at Lagganlia.

All medication must be handed to the adult you are checking in with, this includes inhalers. No medication of any kind is to be kept in children bags.

Children must not bring any electronics with them, including phones.

Remember to get children to help pack their own bags (with clothes labelled where possible).

No money is needed for the trip.

Hairdryers can be taken.

Drop off is at 9am on Monday, adults will be allowed to stay in the hall while we get ready to leave.  Adults will then be asked to leave, in order for a final register to be taken, however they are welcome to stand outside and wave goodbye to the bus. Information regarding drop off will be displayed as you enter the hall.

Have a restful weekend and we will see everyone on Monday morning.


P6 Learning Log w.c. 19.11.18

We have been working hard to complete our group research tasks.  each group has looked at a different aspect of life in Victorian times, made a model and a poster and devised some questions. We will present our findings to the class so that we can learn from each other’s research.

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P6 Learning Log w.c. 29.10.18

We have started a block of Basketball in P.E.  The main skills we have been practising are dribbling, chest pass, bounce pass and shoulder pass. We have also been persevering when shooting and many of us have found that our skills are already improving.

Home Learning Wall

Please find below Primary 6’s Home Learning Wall:

P6-7 Home Learning Wall Term 1