Primary 5

P5b Learning Log 11.1.19


What is going well?

“We did artwork in the style of Gillian Kyle using the Irn Bru logo and Tunnocks wrappers.”

“We learned how to play Shuffle Ball!”

“We have started earning pasta in our jar for a class reward.”

“I liked sharing Christmas Holiday news in circle time.”

“We wrote recounts using emojis to represent some words.”

“I liked learning about goods and services and how people can spend money.”

“We like having a class incentive – pasta jar.”


What could be better?

“I think we should get better at filling the pasta jar instead of losing pasta.”

“We could learn more about money and how it was made.”


P5b Learning Log 7.12.18


What is going well?

“I think topic is going well because we got to experience what it’s like being a tourist.” – Lucas

“I enjoyed making a video for tourism and I liked editing the video.” – Darin

“I liked writing a letter for the Time Capsule.” – Makadi

“I’ve enjoyed seeing how excited people were for the class advent calendar.” – Meadow

“This week I enjoyed the J.K. Rowling comprehension activity because I didn’t know much about her.” – Ruairi S

“I liked Maths because we learned about banks and ATMs.” – Josh

“I enjoyed learning our party dances.” – Hamish

“I enjoyed doing the Canadian Barn Dance.” – Alex CL

“I think our topic is going well because I enjoyed recording around the school.” – Ruairidh B

“I enjoyed learning the Virginia Reel.” – Amelie

“I liked filming on the iPads for a tourist video.” – Jenna

“I enjoyed writing a letter for the time capsule because it was fun.” – Kyle

“I liked watching the class Elf Yourself videos because they were funny.” – Fletcher

“I really enjoyed doing role-play for a travel agent.” – Ava

“I enjoyed doing the computer suite because I like going on Sumdog to improve my Maths.” – Jamie

“I enjoyed P.E. because we are learning lots of dances.” – Mya

“I liked doing Christmas colour by numbers to practise adding.” – Cayden


What could be better?

“I think I could improve my writing and write a bit more.” – Vanshika

“I want to get better at using more WOW words in my writing and making sure I use the correct punctuation.” – Thea

“I would like to keep improving my 6-9 times tables.” – Rhys

“I’m looking forward to the rugby festival but we need to work on teamwork.” – Alex D


P5a Learning Log 16.11.18

This week we had a lot of work to do in preparation for our class assembly. We made posters, practised our lines and made sure we were organised and knew where we were meant to be when we performed!

We have it our all and really enjoyed performing to the school and all the adults who came to watch. Thank you for coming to see what we have been learning!

P5a Learning Log 2.11.18

What is going well?

“Learning new chords on the ukulele.”

“Finding out about different types of angles.”

“Doing our illustrator task in reading.”

“Choosing our own activities in maths.”

“Playing dragon tails and domes and dishes in PE.”

“Spanish with Ms Salvona.”

“Designing our own Viking shields and learning about Viking battles.”

“Doing our art with Ms Milne.”

What could be better?

“To see if we can find more challenging maths games.”

“To focus on our listening when we are on the carpet.”

“To make props and learn scripts for our assembly.”

P5b Learning Log 26.10.18

What is going well?

“Working on Maths.” – Mark

“I enjoyed weaving my bracelet.” – Alex CL

“I enjoyed weaving too. It looked hard but it turned out to be easier.” – Lucas

“I liked learning about angles in Maths.” – Makadi

“I like Maths because it’s fun.” – Jamie

“I enjoyed weaving my bracelet because it was really fun and I liked wearing it.” – Rhys

“I enjoyed lunch time on Thursday because I had a really good time in the Couthy.” – Meadow

“I have enjoyed making all our Viking crafts.” – Amelie

“I enjoyed reading comprehension because it was a bit different and more interesting.” – Ruairi S

“I have been working hard on my Maths.” – Cayden

“I enjoyed gym this week because I love sports.” – Hamish

“I liked doing lots of different stations in Maths and having a choice.” – Josh

“I enjoyed Viking weaving because it was challenging and I like a challenge.” – Ruairidh

“I enjoyed making up a personal handshake.” – Fletcher

“I enjoyed doing the handshakes because it’s fun.” – Jude

“I enjoyed learning about angles because it was fun.” – Jenna

What could be better?

“I would like to make more Viking crafts.” – Mya

“I’d like to do more types of weaving.” – Darin

“I think I could improve on my expression when reading.” – Vanshika

“I’d like to start making Viking props for our assembly.” – Alex D

“I would like to keep working on my Maths and learning about acute and right angles because it was quite hard. I think I will get better if I keep practising.” – Thea

“I would like to keep learning the Viking Rock song.” – Emma

“I would like to start making some props for our assembly.” – Ava

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