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John Muir – Week 2/3 P5a.

The last couple of weeks have been busy again with two more successful and mostly dry trips to Holyrood Park. Over the past two sessions we have learned about the history of Arthur’s Seat and why it looks how it does now and how different types of rocks are formed, such as sedimentary and igneous. We also got creative and used the resources available to us outdoors to design what our own national parks would look like. Some of them included Jungle gyms, animal petting areas and even cafes where you could collect a free mug! Of there was also no littering allowed as we discussed the importance of keeping our parks and environment tidy as we helped the rangers pick up litter around the park!

A busy week in P5a!

This week we were lucky enough to go on two different trips. On Tuesday we made our first visit to Holyrood Park to take part in the John Muir award. We made wooden name tags, sketched pictures of Arthur’s Seat and renamed some different plants and flowers!

On Thursday we visited Dynamic Earth to take park in their Polar Regions workshop and take a tour. We learned about differences between the Arctic and Antarctic, different problems facing the Polar regions and what animals could be found there. During the tour we enjoyed our 3D flight, finding out how to treat a snakebite and going on a journey through the Arctic!

P5a Learning Log 16.11.18

This week we had a lot of work to do in preparation for our class assembly. We made posters, practised our lines and made sure we were organised and knew where we were meant to be when we performed!

We have it our all and really enjoyed performing to the school and all the adults who came to watch. Thank you for coming to see what we have been learning!

P5a Learning Log 2.11.18

What is going well?

“Learning new chords on the ukulele.”

“Finding out about different types of angles.”

“Doing our illustrator task in reading.”

“Choosing our own activities in maths.”

“Playing dragon tails and domes and dishes in PE.”

“Spanish with Ms Salvona.”

“Designing our own Viking shields and learning about Viking battles.”

“Doing our art with Ms Milne.”

What could be better?

“To see if we can find more challenging maths games.”

“To focus on our listening when we are on the carpet.”

“To make props and learn scripts for our assembly.”

P5b Learning Log 26.10.18

What is going well? 

“Working on Maths.” – Mark  

“I enjoyed weaving my bracelet.” – Alex CL 

“I enjoyed weaving too. It looked hard but it turned out to be easier.” – Lucas 

“I liked learning about angles in Maths.” – Makadi 

“I like Maths because it’s fun.” – Jamie 

“I enjoyed weaving my bracelet because it was really fun and I liked wearing it.” – Rhys 

“I enjoyed lunch time on Thursday because I had a really good time in the Couthy.” – Meadow 

“I have enjoyed making all our Viking crafts.” – Amelie 

“I enjoyed reading comprehension because it was a bit different and more interesting.” – Ruairi S 

“I have been working hard on my Maths.” – Cayden 

“I enjoyed gym this week because I love sports.” – Hamish 

“I liked doing lots of different stations in Maths and having a choice.” – Josh  

“I enjoyed Viking weaving because it was challenging and I like a challenge.” – Ruairidh 

“I enjoyed making up a personal handshake.” – Fletcher 

“I enjoyed doing the handshakes because it’s fun.” – Jude 

“I enjoyed learning about angles because it was fun.” – Jenna

What could be better?

“I would like to make more Viking crafts.” – Mya 

“I’d like to do more types of weaving.” – Darin 

“I think I could improve on my expression when reading.” – Vanshika 

“I’d like to start making Viking props for our assembly.” – Alex D 

“I would like to keep working on my Maths and learning about acute and right angles because it was quite hard. I think I will get better if I keep practising.” – Thea 

“I would like to keep learning the Viking Rock song.” – Emma 

“I would like to start making some props for our assembly.” – Ava

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