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Class Organisation 2019/20

Please find below information regarding Primary 4 and 5 classes for academic session 2019-20

Composite Meeting April 2019

Composite Class Return Slip

20190308_091300376_iOSPrimary 4 learning Log

Week beginning 4th March 2019

Did you know that Thursday 7th March was World Book Day?  We celebrated by having a fun assembly on Friday.  Mrs. Calder-Kelly organised two quizzes.  The first quiz consisted of questions relating to some children’s books.  The second quiz consisted of photographs of some of our teachers reading their favourite children’s books.  They held their books in front of their faces so that we had to guess who they were. We were allowed to dress up as our favourite characters and there were lots of children wearing brilliant costumes.  The teachers dressed up, too.  Primary 4a made book covers to decorate their classroom door and Primary 4b made headbands featuring their favourite characters.  In music, Mr. Craighead played a game that we really enjoyed.  We had to go round the classroom guessing who everyone was dressed up as.  After that, we did shared reading with the primary 2 classes.  We all enjoyed that.  Reading is fun!

Primary 4 learning Log

Week beginning 22nd February 2019


Art Work inspired by a Scottish Artist-

John Lowrie Morrison


P4 have really enjoyed using a mixture of oil and chalk pastels to create a scottish landscape picture in the style of JOLOMO.  We learned about the Northern Lights and the beautiful colours it creates in the sky and tried to recreate it in our drawings.

Primary 4 learning Log

Week beginning 21st January 2019

This week we were very lucky to be able to attend a science workshop run by Generation Science. The theme was electricity and we all became ‘electric scientists’.

We were able to conduct a number of experiments to make some discoveries about electricity.

Did you know that when you pass a magnet over a coil of wire you will be creating electricity?

Did you know that a capacitator stores electricity and can be re-charged over and over again?

Did you know that some materials, like certain metals, conduct electricity better than other materials, like rubber?

We made our own electricity without using a battery or mains electricity.  We had magnetic plates and coils of wire that were hooked up to an ammeter to measure the amount of electricity we made.  We had to turn a handle to make the magnets pass over the wire. The faster we turned it, the more electricity we made. We discovered that the more magnets you have the more electricity you will generate. We also discovered that the thicker coils of wire helped create more electricity than the thinner coils of wire.

The electricity that we had generated was used to power some ‘hexbugs’. The ‘hexbugs’ were put on a racing track and we had lots of fun racing them.

Primary 4 learning Log

Week beginning 17th December 2018


Primary four wishes you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

This week we went to church as a whole school.  It was nice to have the whole school together on such an occasion.  The children really enjoyed listening to the choir and enjoyed it when they were allowed to sing along with ‘Jingle Bells’.  Both choirs did very well.  Well done!  The primary four choir members said that they enjoyed singing to the school and to all the parents and other members of the audience.  We also enjoyed listening to the brass band.  They did a wonderful job!  The minister was funny, as he gave some of the children mince pies to eat as part of his sermon.  Eloisa got two!

We also had our Christmas party this week.  We danced the Gay Gordons, which was tricky, but fun!  We also played musical bumps, musical statues, corners and pass the parcel.

We have had lots of fun this week!

Primary 4 Learning Log

Week beginning 3rd December 2018

Peace and Justice Group Workshop

Conflict Resolution


We have really enjoyed our session with the Peace and Justice Group today.  We talked about how animals might react in difficult situations.  The class were very engaged with the discussions and enjoyed sharing about which animal they related to the most and hearing about others.  We hope we can put this into practice and think about the best ways to resolve conflict using these animal traits!






Primary 4 Learning Log

Week beginning 12th November 2018

Josie’s mum very kindly helped the children in P4b to make truffles to sell at the school fair. The children had a great time and the truffles were  absolutely fantastic!  The children cooperated very well and even helped with the tidying up!  Josie’s mum couldn’t praise them enough. They were all rewarded by being able to make one truffle each for themselves.  Thank you very much Isla!  It was a lovely morning for the children and we all really appreciated it!  We would like to see as many parents as possible come to the school fair on Friday 30th November.  Make sure you buy some of our very tasty truffles!

Thursday afternoons are when we participate in some co-operative games led by ladies from the Peace and Justice Group.  The games are designed to help primary school pupils enhance their skills to address conflict and promote a culture of respect.  The children are really enjoying these activities.

We have recently started to learn about the weather.  We watched a funny, but informative, video about tornadoes. We have learned that tornadoes can cause a huge amount of devastation.  Most tornadoes are formed from thunderstorms. You need warm, moist air which rises and meets with cool, dry air. This causes instability in the atmosphere.

We are still reading chapter books in class and we now have a book each from the school library to take home.  The class were quite excited about this.  We will be going to the library once a fortnight, on Thursdays, to change our books.

Primary 4 Learning Log

Week beginning 5th November 2018


Art- We have been using different methods to create textures in our Owl pictures-

  • crayon rubbings
  • origami-paper folding
  • paper cutting
  • detailed pen drawings

Here are some of the pupils’ comments-

‘I would like to learn more about making paper animals because it was fun!’ (Kian)

‘We learnt to add more detail in pictures.’ (Kendyll and Emily)

‘What I enjoyed most was Art because I love Owls and we were making them!’ (Georgia)

‘What i found most difficult was making the Owl because it was hard to fold.’ (Florence)

‘What i enjoyed most this week was making the Owls.’ (Charlie and Finlay H)


Week beginning 29th October 2018

This week Primary 4 have been learning to tell the time.  They are learning and practising telling “o’ clock”, “half past”, “quarter past” and “quarter to” times.  The class especially enjoyed when they got to play a game at the Smart Board.

Karly mentioned that the class have had lots of fun learning PE skills with the S6 pupils from Leith Academy.  The S6 pupils are very good role-models.  This term they are teaching basketball skills.

We have been very lucky this term, as some very nice ladies from the Peace and Justice group have been playing circle time games with us in the Couthie Room on a Thursday afternoon.  Christopher especially enjoyed listening to the ‘singing bowl’.  The sound it makes seem to last for ages!  We also tried to make the shape of a triangle with the whole class, but that proved rather tricky!

Christopher and Chloe enjoyed painting and decorating their Halloween cats.  They look quite Spooky!

Bailey B. is looking forward to when we can make more mini-movies using the iMovie app on the iPads.  We have been practising taking close-up shots of each other.  Close-up shots are important when you want to see people’s facial expressions and read their emotions.

Karly, Severijus, Sadie and Maurice all said that they were quite excited to get new chapter books to read.  We have been working on tasks related to the books during our literacy activities in class.

We are looking forward to making sweets for the school fair with Josie’s mum next week.  In fact, we can’t wait!

Primary 4 learning Log

Week beginning 8th October 2018


Everyone enjoyed participating in the ‘Leith Youth Festival of Rugby’ at Leith Academy on Thursday.  Even although some children did not really want to go, they all had a fantastic time!  Everyone played well and did their best.  Well done to Ross and his team for organising this event.  Bailey B. said that it was lots of fun and a good way to exercise and keep fit.

Steven really enjoys it when the teachers read to the class from Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  Well done for being a good listener, Steven!

Christopher enjoys practising his cursive handwriting and wants the teacher to make it a bit trickier next time.

Sadie and Polly had a great time during PE when the sixth year students from Leith Academy came to do fitness with them.  They enjoyed the obstacle course most of all and they were able to do lots of exercise to build up their stamina.

Daisy thought that the maths was quite difficult when she has to find lines of symmetry in 2D shapes.  We will do more symmetry, but you did a good job Daisy!

Karly and Maya enjoyed our poetry lesson this week.  Karly enjoyed thinking of good ideas and finding words that rhyme.  Maya also enjoyed making up rhymes.  She thought that the poems were quite funny.

Primary 4 learning Log

Week beginning 1st October 2018


On Friday we finished making our Christmas card designs.  They will be coming home soon, so that parents have the chance to order them for Christmas.  Kian, Robyn and Kendyll liked that they were able to use their own ideas to make their Christmas cards different from everyone else’s.  Zoe and Erskine both enjoyed adding lots of detail to theirs.

Finlay D. said that he learned some new skills during touch rugby training. The opposition stand in a line and the attackers stand in a V shape. If you get touched you have to pass the ball backwards.

Jackson and Martin enjoyed going to the Calm Club this week.  The children had a ‘bake-off’ and made cupcakes and sausage rolls from playdough.

Florence is really interested in history and would like to learn more about the Tudors.

Robyn found the subtraction maths work really interesting this week.

Kendyll and Courtney enjoyed drawing monsters with Miss Colvin. They watched a video about a boy who met a monster, then they made their own imaginary monsters.

Circle time was very interesting this week.  Dan thinks that introducing a ‘worry box’ to the class was a very good idea.  The children were helping Ms. Mynott sort out their worries and learn how to deal with them.  Also, Kian likes that the children’s good ideas are displayed on the classroom wall.  Rory thinks that learning about which words to use when dealing with problems is very helpful.

In science, we added baking soda and vinegar in a bottle to make carbon-dioxide. The carbon dioxide blew up a balloon that we had attached to the neck of the bottle.  Carbon dioxide is a gas.  Gas particles move about freely, so the gas particles spread out to fill the bottle, and then spread into the balloon to inflate it.  Martin and Kian enjoyed this experiment. They thought that it would maybe cause an explosion!


Primary 4 Learning Log

Week beginning 17th September 2018


This week in science we learned that some solids can be dissolved in liquids.  We also learned that a solid will dissolve faster in hot water than in cold water.  Rory and Finlay H. enjoy learning about science.  They liked seeing how the Skittles dissolved in water and looking at the before and after pictures. Dan, Finlay H. and Rory would both like to do more experiments in science.

Cole especially enjoyed music this week. The game called ‘Sequence’, which you play with a partner, was lots of fun for the class.

Lots of children look forward to PE, and Florence says that she enjoys playing the ‘Octopus’ game.  Finlay D. would like to do the Daily Mile more often.

Erskine thinks that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a really good book and he likes learning more about it during Literacy lessons. He enjoys reading the novel, too.

Caitlyn has enjoyed learning numbers in French and she is good at her numbers now.  Amy likes to know how to say the date in French.

Courtney learned more information about 2D shapes this week. She learned that lots of shapes have angles. A square has four angles and four vertices (corners).

We would like to thank the parents who were able to come to our open day on Thursday. We hope that you enjoyed your visit.

Home Learning Wall

Please find below Primary 4’s Home Learning Wall:

P4 – Home Learning Wall – Numeracy Counting On – Term 1

P4 – Home Learning Wall – Numeracy Figurative – Term 1

P4 Home Learning Wall – Numeracy Facile – Term 1

P4 Homework Learning Wall – Spelling – Term 1