Primary 2

Primary 2, 7th December 2018



On Friday this week we all made Christmas snowman biscuits with the help of one of our parents. We worked in small groups and followed instructions well. We used digestive biscuits, marshmallows, icing and little pieces of chocolate. We took them home and couldn’t wait to eat them!

In maths this week we were learning the names of 3D shapes: cube, cuboid, cone, pyramid, cylinder, sphere and prism. We watched videos describing the shapes and played a game, where we had to match the shape to its name. We then built models in pairs and had to name all the shapes we used. We did well. Next week we’re going to learn to describe the properties of each shape using the correct mathematical language (faces, edges and vertices).

Primary 2, 23rd November 2018


This week we all went on a trip to the Observatory at Blackford Hill. Although it was VERY cold, we enjoyed our visit and learnt a lot. First we were shown one of the oldest telescopes in Scotland, which is huge but is no longer in use. Then we were taken up a spiral staircase to the roof, where we had an excellent view of Edinburgh. We also saw the castle close up through a telescope. Afterwards we had a workshop in which we learnt that the sun is a huge burning ball of gas, very far from our Earth. We learnt how the moon moves around the Earth and the Earth with its moon moves around the sun. We made sundials and learnt a little about how they work. Finally we got to hold a meteorite from outer space. It was very heavy!


Above you can see a few photos of one of our ‘Read, Write, Count’ activities. We made little cardboard characters and used them to retell the story ‘A Tale of Two Beasts’. The children have really enjoyed working on the books and we hope you will too!

Primary 2, 9th November 2018

We have had a very artistic week this week, with lots of art and music! We did some work on the seasons, learning about why we have them and P2b used sponges, paintbrushes and oil pastels to create a piece of art showing a tree through the four seasons. Students from Edinburgh University Music Department come to teach us every Monday and this week we were learning about rhythm, happy music and sad music. We sang action songs and learnt the terms ‘piano’, ‘forte’, ‘adagio’ and ‘allegro’.

On Tuesday we had a visit from a harpist and a fiddler. We really enjoyed the music and clapped along with the melodies. We also learnt a Gaelic song.

In maths we’re continuing to work on 2d shapes, learning the names, the number of sides and corners. We also learnt that squares and rectangles have right angles. In the photos above we worked in twos or threes to make pictures with the shapes. On Thursday we sorted shapes into groups and explained our choice of groups to the class.

Primary 2 Learning, 2 November  2018

We’ve been very busy in P2 starting our new topic – Sun, Moon and Stars – and our new maths topic – Shape.

In P2a all this came together on this week when we discussed the seasons and the fruits and vegetables that ripen in Autumn. Pumpkins came to mind and we shared ideas for healthy delicious meals – pumpkin soup (David), stuffed wee pumpkins cooked in the oven (Devyn), and dried pumpkin seeds (Lachlan). We then used lentils to make pumpkin pictures and triangles to give them faces.

We also used shapes to make symmetrical rockets, and pairs of triangles for stars.

P2 have three trips coming up this month, two to Dynamic Earth and one to the Royal Observatory. Dates will be on the website but if you are interested in being a parent helper please speak to Mrs Carson or Mrs Sutherland or the school office.