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Primary 1b

Learning Log – Week Beginning 4.6.18

What has gone well this week?

This week we continued with our topic of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Poor Baby Bear’s chair was broken by Goldilocks, as she was obviously too big for it, so we decided to make him a new one.  The only materials we had available were newspaper and cellotape. It was quite a difficult task to make a chair from newspaper and cellotape, but everyone did a good job. Lachlan was awarded ‘Star of the Week’, because he was very inventive. Well done everyone!

We have enjoyed going outside for PE this week. It is fun to play on the equipment and everyone was able to throw or roll balls into the hula hoops.  We were practising for sport’s day. Most children like to run races.

We all look forward to getting new reading books on a Monday and we are glad that our teachers have tried to read more books to us this week. We know that the author writes the story and the illustrator draws the pictures.

What could be better?

The children would like songs to dance to during Golden Time.  In the pictures above you can see some of our children dancing to the Good Morning song we learned for last week’s assembly.


Primary 1 Assembly

Primary 1 had their class assembly today! Thank to everybody who came to watch it. Here are some of our drawings of Goldilocks and the Three Bears:


P1a Learning Log 28.05.18

What is going well?

“We learned about shapes.” – Matylda

“Colouring in the different shapes.” – Tia

“I liked playing the basketball game on the computer.” – Grace

“I like doing a number game on the iPads.” – Ben

“I liked drawing pictures of the three bears.” – Sophia

“I liked learning about 2D and 3D shapes.” – Lacey

“I made a castle with the 3D shapes.” – Aiyet

“I liked singing the count to 10 song in French.” – Inana

“I liked doing our assembly.” – Corbin

“We did writing about a monster.” – Devyn

“I liked practising the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” – Maya

“We went on a shape hunt round the school.” – Darcy

“I liked squishing the shapes.” – Christopher

“I liked being Goldilocks in our assembly.” – Carmella

“I liked playing with the garage.” – Krystian

“I like playing with all the shapes in the sand.” – Atharv

“I liked having Golden Time outside when it was sunny.” – Martin

“I’ve liked having sharper pencils!” – Charlotte

What could be better?

“I want to keep learning the different colours in French.” – Zosia

“I want to do even more reading.” – Finlay

“I want to do more drawing.” – Indae

“I want to learn about even more shapes!” – Dominik

“We could do more building with different shapes.” – Milo

“I want to write a letter to Goldilocks.” – Teigan


Primary 1b

Learning Log – Week Beginning 21st May 2018

We have been very busy this week. We have been practising for our assembly.   We are excited about performing and we have enjoyed learning some new songs.

Lots of children in our class enjoy playing with the blocks, so we often put them on the carpet. The boys in the photo made an amazing castle for “good-guys”.  Well done, boys!

Our class still enjoy running the Daily Mile.  Also, we have started to learn more about capital letters and have been practising writing them.  We know that a sentence always starts with a capital letter.

Austin likes it when the teacher reads stories to the class, so we will try to make time for more stories.

On Friday we went to the big hall to watch Primary 2/1 perform their assembly.  Orla liked listening to the French song.  She says that singing French songs makes learning French easier.  Daniel knew all of the songs for this assembly and enjoyed singing along.

Lexi was pleased for Austin when he was awarded ‘Star of the Week’  for his good cursive handwriting.  Sophie also enjoyed listening to the song that Mrs. Borrowman had chosen for her lesson about bullying.  It was called ‘Too Late to Apologise’.



P1a Learning Log 18.05.18

What is going well?

“I have liked drawing.” – Inana

“I liked putting numbers in the right order.” – Tia

“I liked learning new sounds.” – Lacey

“I liked making a poster for assembly.” – Zosia

“I liked playing in the sand pit.” – Krystian

“I learned about shapes on the computer.” – Christopher

“I liked the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’” – Maya

“I like using the clipboard in the house corner.” – Devyn

“I liked colouring the Welcome poster for our assembly.” – Carmella

“I liked reading Doodle’s Diary in the story corner.” – Aiyet

“I liked making models with the Lego.” – Atharv

“I liked measuring things in the sand.” – Finlay

“I like playing maths games on the computers.” – Ben

“I liked learning about ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and drawing pictures from the story.” – Darcy

“I’m excited to take my Progress Jotter home next week.” – Dominik

What could be better?

“I would like to do some painting.” – Teigan

“I want to start practising for our assembly.” – Sophia

“I want to keep practising my letters and numbers.” – Matylda

“I want to count up to higher numbers in French.” – Martin

“I would like to learn more about Goldilocks.” – Charlotte

“We can keep practising for Sports Day.” – Grace

“I would like to keep counting up to higher numbers.” – Corbin

Week Beginning – 7.05.18



The children in Primary 1 really loved dancing to the ‘Fischy’ songs from this week’s assembly.  Sonny says that ‘Stronger’ is his favourite song.  Niamh, Archie, Emma and Oliwia also like dancing to ‘My Body, Your Body’.  Emma thought that talking about being healthy was really interesting.  Emma and Niamh do exercises to keep strong.


This week we have started writing weekend diaries. We know that good sentences have a capital letter at the beginning; a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark at the end; and finger spaces between the words.  We sound out words to help us spell them.

We have also been learning new sounds.  When you have the letter o and another letter o together they make a new sound ‘oo’, as in the words ‘foot’ and ‘book’.

Two ‘e’ sounds make a new sound ‘ee’, as in the words ‘feet’ and ‘meet’.


For maths we have been learning to measure.  We have been comparing things in the classroom to find out which are the heaviest and lightest.  Lots of children enjoyed weighing things in the water tray. When you fill containers with water, the containers that hold the most water are the heaviest. We have also been comparing things in the classroom to find out which are the shortest and longest.  We measured the length of lots of things, for example, pencils, bottles and shoes. The metre stick was the longest thing we measured and the scissors were the shortest thing that we measured.  

P1a Learning Log 4.5.18

What is going well?

“I liked making bar charts.” – Sophia

“I like learning Capoeira for Health Week.” – Lacey

“I like playing with the Lego.” – Zosia

“I’ve liked drawing birthday cards in the house corner.” – Inana

“I liked tasting the healthy foods. My favourite was the strawberry.” – Devyn

“I’ve been making lots of models with Lego.” – Christopher

“I liked tasting the healthy foods, especially the pretzels.” – Indae

“I liked the fishing game on the computer.” – Matylda

“I liked doing my Andy Warhol art.” – Ben

“I liked learning about Andy Warhol.” – Dominik

“I liked tasting the fruit bars.” – Grace

“I liked doing the spider crawl in Capoeira.” – Milo

“I liked tasting the strawberries.” – Carmella

“I liked learning how to tell the time.” – Martin

“I liked learning about bar charts.” – Charlotte

“I liked sorting all the different things.” – Teigan

What could be better?

“I want to play with play dough.” – Aiyet

“I’d like to draw a castle.” – Finlay

“Play nicely in the house corner.” – Tia

“I would like some Star Wars colouring for Golden Time.” – Corbin

“I would like to do a puppet show in the puppet theatre.” – Maya

“Use the stampers at Golden Time next week.” – Darcy

“We could play with cars in the sand.” – Krystian

“I want to play with big building bricks.” – Atharv


Learning Log – 23.4.18

What is going well?

“I like playing with the new baby in the house corner.” – Aiyet

“I liked doing the hurdles in P.E.” – Carmella

“I liked drawing.” – Christopher

“I enjoyed doing hurdle races with Mrs McLaughlin.” – Corbin

“I like dressing up with the robot hat.” – Dominik

“Colouring in Andy Warhol pictures.” – Finlay

“I liked watching the P3 assembly.” – Grace

“I like the new story corner.” – Krystian

“I like dress down day.” – Martin

“I like playing on the iPads.” – Matylda

“I liked getting my certificate.” – Maya

“I like our new painting easel.” – Milo

“I like doing puppet shows.” – Sophia

“I liked playing schools.” – Teigan

What could be better?

“I’d like to play with some new toys.” – Atharv

“I would like new colouring in pictures for the drawing table next week.” – Charlotte

“More hurdles next week in gym.” – Darcy

“Keeping the house corner clean.” – Devyn

“I want to do some Troll colouring at Golden Time.” – Inana

“I want to learn about more artists.” – Indae

“I would like a new buggy for the house corner.” – Lacey

“Do even more art.” – Tia

“I want to play with the sand more.” – Zosia

Week beginning  23.4.18

Lachlan says that he enjoyed PE with Mrs. Laughlin.  The children were trying-out for sports’ day races.  Lachlan enjoyed being able to run really fast.  Abbie and Latisha also enjoyed the races, but said that the hurdles race was the most fun.

On Wednesday, both primary one classes went to Lochend Park.  Felix and Niamh were partners.  They both enjoyed looking for the ducks and finding sticks in the park.  It was quite cold, so they were glad that they had wrapped up warmly.

On Friday we were invited to watch the Primary 3b assembly in the big hall.  This was Alan’s favourite part of the week.  He especially enjoyed their performance of the song ‘My Body, Your Body’.  All of  Primary 1 enjoyed watching Primary 3b’s assembly about being healthy.  Well done Primary 3b!

Primary 1 children have enjoyed using the new resources that were bought for their classrooms.  We have big blocks, new games, a painting easel and some new furniture.


World Book Day

This week P1 enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day.

The whole class enjoyed watching P3b’s assembly.  They have learned a lot about Edinburgh.  They told us that Arthur’s Seat is an extinct volcano and they told us about their visit to the castle.  They also sang “Three Craw’s”.  Well done P3!


Here are some of the children in p1b playing one of their favourite maths games at the SmartBoard.  It’s called Adventure Man and is a counting game.  They were very good at taking turns and were helping each other play the game.  Well done!

What’s going well this week.

World Book Day and the assembly were fun!

Lots of children went to the movie night and had fun watching Boss Baby.  It was great fun coming to school in your pyjamas and eating popcorn.  We hope the parents enjoyed their chilli night.

We have started to learn about time.  We are keen to learn to tell “o’clock times”.

We have been learning ‘ee’ and ‘ea’ sounds which are found in words like ‘feet’ and ‘heat’.  We like learning new sounds.

In maths we have been learning to ‘count on’.



Welcome to our Primary 1 class page!

Our teachers are Miss Wilson, Mrs Ross and Mrs Salvona and we are looking forward to showing you some of the things we have been learning about.

To follow the Primary 1 blog, please click on the P1/P1a tags on the right hand side.

Our P.E. days are Monday and Friday. Please ensure your child has suitable clothing and footwear.

Reading books will be issued on a Monday. Please try to read with your child every night, then sign and date their reading record. Keep the reading books in their homework folders, and keep the folders in their schoolbags so that we can hear reading groups throughout the week. We will collect the homework folders back in on the Friday. Thank you for your support.

We will be visiting Lochend Park for outdoor learning on the last Wednesday of every month. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately as we will be out in all weathers!

Term 1

This term we will be learning about:

Golden Rules

The Three Little Pigs

People Who Help Us

Term 2

This term we will be learning about:

Hansel and Gretel

Little Red Riding Hood/Keeping Myself Safe

The Gingerbread Man

We have also been practising for our Nativity, which will be on Tuesday 12th December. We hope you can make it along!

Term 3

This term we will be learning about:


Scots Week

Jack and the Beanstalk