Primary 7 Learning

Below you will find learning set by your child’s Teacher, updated each Wednesday while the school is closed. The documents will open as a PDF, which you can save if you wish. The expectation is that pupils will select a variety of activities during the week, although they may not complete all activities they should complete the majority of them. You are welcome to add to your child’s learning by creating different activities based around learning already set by Teachers (see our list of websites and follow us on Twitter for more ideas).

A section within Learning Journals (click here to be taken to the login page) allows you to add pictures and comments, usually reserved to show achievements outside of school, however, we are excited to see what learning is happening at home. Please upload pictures with a comment about the learning at least once a week. Teachers will be looking out for input by parents, which they will leave a comment on. You can access Parental support from here.

If you have any questions about the learning set by teachers please contact the school via or through a Direct Message on Twitter (@Hermitageparkps).


Weekly Home Learning P7a-b week 15th June

Animal me 2 presentation (pptx)


Calligrams ppt

Capacity word problems – spicy

circles- spheres wk 15th june

circles-spheres sl_ppm2-131 – function mahine inputs

Moving On Up Pupil Pack (P7 transition to S1) FINAL

Roald Dahl hot

Roald Dahl mild

Roald Dahl spicy

squares- cubes wk 15th june

Squares-cubes TJ 3a pg 98 99

T2-M-1379-Converting-Between-Litres-and-Millilitres-Activity-Sheet_ver_1 – mild

TJ 3a pg 107 extra hot

TJ 3a pg 108 extra hot

triangles- pyramids wk 15th june


volume swimming pool problems – hot


Weekly Home Learning P7a-b week 8th June

circles-spheres t2-m-254595-year-6-spring-themed-percentages-code-breaker-activity

circles-spheres wk 8th june

cubes-squares wk 8th june



recycle week hot

recycle week mild

recycle week spicy

simile, metaphor and personification hot


similies and metaphor sorting worksheet spicy

TJ 2a pg 132 133 – mild

TJ 2a pg 134 135 – spicy

TJ 3a Pg 96 97

TJ 3a pg 104 105 – hot

TJ 3a pg 106 – extra hot

trianlges- pyramids wk 8th june

what-do-they-do-here-new ppt

HL Grid – P7 week 9


mathsbot squares-cubes wk 1st june



circels-spheres sl_ppm2-107 – percentages

circles-spheres find-simple-percentages-1

circles-spheres mathsbot wk 1st june

equality ppt

EXTRA HOT 7-Volume-of-Cuboids

fronted adverbial hot

fronted adverbials mildf

ronted adverbials spicy

HOT Calculate Volume of Cuboids

Triangles-pyramids T2-M-1592-Multiplying-2-Digit-Numbers-by-2-Digit-Numbers-Using-Grid-Method-Activity-Sheets_ver_1

triangles-pyramids mathbot wk 1st june

Triangles-pyramids GRID METHOD


squares-cubes TJ3a Pg83

squares-cubes TJ3a Pg86

SPICY us2-m-288-volume-of-shapes-activity-sheet-english_ver_1 –

Rainforest mild

Rainforest Spicy

Rainforest hot

MILD t2-m-4170-year-3-measure-capacity-differentiated-activity-sheets_ver_6 –

P7 Home Learning Grid – Week 8


Area and Perimeter Maths Investigation Differentiated Activity Sheets – spicy


bfg_changing_to_past_tense hot

Grand Designs – hot



informal letter writing powerpoint

irregular-past spicy

irregular-past-tense-third mild 1

letter writing checklist

mathsbot cubes squares wk 25th may

mathsbot pyramids triangles wk 25th may

mathsbot spheres circles wk 25th may

ni-t2-t-1244-measure-accurately-to-calculate-perimeter-and-area-of-a-house-with-5-rooms-activity-sheet_ver_3 – extra hot


one-step-equations-112653 (1)

pirateperimeterproblems – mild

PTJ 3a Pg85s

Same-but-different powerpoint

skills-and-qualities powerpoint


sl_ppm2-106 – fractions and decimals are percentages

t2-t-16335-understanding-scale-drawings-powerpoint_ver_4 – extra hot

Tj 3b Pg26

t-n-5928-fractions-decimals-and-equivalents-matching-activity-_ver_1application-form-downloadcircels-spheres sl_ppm2-107 – percentagescircles-spheres find-simple-percentages-1circles-spheres mathsbot wk 1st juneequality pptEXTRA HOT 7-Volume-of-Cuboidsfronted adverbial hotfronted adverbials mildfronted adverbials spicyHOT Calculate Volume of Cuboidsill-do-that-newList-of-possible-responsibilitiesmathsbot squares-cubes wk 1st juneMILD t2-m-4170-year-3-measure-capacity-differentiated-activity-sheets_ver_6 –Rainforest hotRainforest mildRainforest SpicySPICY us2-m-288-volume-of-shapes-activity-sheet-english_ver_1 –squares-cubes TJ3a Pg83squares-cubes TJ3a Pg86t2-e-3215-fronted-adverbials-ks2-what-is-a-fronted-adverbial-powerpoint-_ver_8Triangles-pyramids GRID METHODtriangles-pyramids mathbot wk 1st juneTriangles-pyramids T2-M-1592-Multiplying-2-Digit-Numbers-by-2-Digit-Numbers-Using-Grid-Method-Activity-Sheets_ver_1Weekly Home Learning P7a-b week 1st June

Weekly Home Learning P7a-b week 18th may

add_and_subtract_fractions guided

antonyms and synonyms mild

antonyms-and-synonyms spicy

area and perimeter word problems – extra hot

area and perimeter word problems – extra hot

mathsbot cubes-squares wk 18th may

mathsbot pyramids-triangles wk 18th may

mathsbot spheres-circles wk 18th may

PB3 pg 45

perimeter word problems – mild

Perimeter-Area-ActivityFarmer-gump – spicy

planet earth hot

planet earth mild

planet earth spicysl_

ppm2-105 – percentages

sl_ppm2-141 – equations using multiplication facts


TJ 3b Pg 26

tj3a Pg 84


zoo design area and perimeter word problems – hot

P7 HL Week 6

sl_ppm2-104 – dividing by 10 and 100 circles-spheres

sl_ppm2-140 – solving equations triangles-pyramids



t2-m-17249-dividing-by-10-and-100-activity-sheet-english_ver_2 spheres-circles

PB3 pg 44 triangles-pyramids

Rewrite the stars comprehension

Into the unknown comprehension

mathsbot cubes-squares wk 11th may

mathsbot pyramids-triangles wk 11th may

mathsbot spheres-circles wk 11th may

Dance monkey comprehension

fractions_adding_simple squares-cubes

compound areas- squares

anotnyms worksheet mild

antonym crossword and wordsearch

antonym worksheet hot

antonyms worksheet spicy

area of compound shapes-squares

area of rectangle- triangles

area of rectangles 1- circles

area of rectangles and squares word problems-circles

area of rectangles-circles 2

Area of Triangles – squares

area of triangles 1

Area of Triangles 2

area spicy word problems


P7 HL Week 5

converting units of measure

HotConverting units of measure

mildConverting Units of Measure

Spicymathsbot circles wk 4th may

mathsbot squares wk 4th may

mathsbot triangles wk 4th may

mixed measurement word problems

sl_ppm2-128 – letters representing numbers (002)

solving simple equations balancing method scales worksheet level 5

Synonym Activity- Worksheet hot

synonyms spicy


t2-e-164-alternatives-for-said-activity-sheet_ver_1 hot mild



finding percentages with a calculator

Linking decimals, percentages and fractions

P7 HL Week 4

Percentage Parts


sl_ppm2-031 – rounding

sl_ppm2-033 – rounding

sl_ppm2-136 – function machines

sl_ppm2-137 – function machines


coordinates shapes mild

coordinates problem solving spicy

coordinates shapes hot

mathsbot circles wk 27th april

mathsbot wk 27th April (003)

mathsbot wk 27th April.docx

Pen Pals – A New friend (2)

P7 HL Week 3

P7 HL Week 2

Home Learning P7 Week 1

P7 Spelling List