Primary 6a Learning Log – 10th November 2017

What is going well in P6a?

Big Writing – we’ve all been asking to continue with our stories about adventures set in Edinburgh. It was fun as we got to write our own stories – anything as long as it was set in Edinburgh.
Maths – the triangles enjoyed multiplying by 10s/100s… We added 7+3=10 up to and past 7,000,000+3,000,000=10,000,000.
Think we are getting better at angles. We looked for different types of angles in the playground. We were finding the angles inside triangles. They add up to 180 degrees.
IDL – Our space topic is going well because we are learning new facts and we can remember the order of the planets. We have been researching using different sources, at least 3 for each planet research. We used books, fact sheets, ipads and the computers. Learning how to research is important. It is very interesting to find out about Space. We have sharing facts with our families at home.
PE – in football we worked in teams to make up different games/drills. We then had mini matches.

by Paige, Maisie & Mia