Primary 3

This week we’ve been listening to Roald Dahl’s ‘Esio Trot’. In class we wrote messages for each other to read but we wrote them backwards!

We had great fun going round the class asking people to read our messages.

Below you can see some of our Picasso paintings. We hope you like them

This week we have been learning about the lungs. We learnt that the right rib cage protects the lungs. The left lung is smaller than the right lung because it has to make space for the heart. Amy made a model of the lungs for homework.

In art we drew Mr Potato Head and labelled his five senses.

This week in spelling we are still learning plural nouns. We played ‘Spelling Tennis’ and ‘Be The Teacher’ to practise our words.

In P.E. we were practising for Sports Day and we did speed bounce with Ms Sutherland. Two of us did 45 jumps in 20 seconds!

Cole and Tymi

This week we made beautiful summer flower pictures  in art.  Here are some photos of our artwork.

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We have also been learning about the 5 senses and took part in a smell experiment and a colour hunt which used our sense of smell and sight.

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This week from Tuesday to Thursday we did the Leith Gala Day posters. Robyn’s poster was about Candyland. She went there on a magic carpet and everything was made of candy. The best thing was the swimming pool. She came back after she’d had enough to eat!

My poster was about Unicorn World. I found unicorns with sparkly eyes and pink hair. On my magic carpet I felt sick, so I didn’t stay long. When I left, I took a unicorn with me.

Amy and Robyn