Primary 3 Learning

Below you will find learning set by your child’s Teacher, updated each Wednesday while the school is closed. The documents will open as a PDF, which you can save if you wish. The expectation is that pupils will select a variety of activities during the week, although they may not complete all activities they should complete the majority of them. You are welcome to add to your child’s learning by creating different activities based around learning already set by Teachers (see our list of websites and follow us on Twitter for more ideas).

A section within Learning Journals (click here to be taken to the login page) allows you to add pictures and comments, usually reserved to show achievements outside of school, however, we are excited to see what learning is happening at home. Please upload pictures with a comment about the learning at least once a week. Teachers will be looking out for input by parents, which they will leave a comment on. You can access Parental support from here.

If you have any questions about the learning set by teachers please contact the school via or through a Direct Message on Twitter (@Hermitageparkps).


P3 HL Week 11

Wk 4 HELP YOUR CHILD TO LEARN – Hi and Welcome to P3 Families at Hermi

Sharing Stories Games

Playing Dice Games

Beat That – Dice Game

Fruit Survey


Letter Page 1

Letter Page 2

Sense of Touch

Sports Survey 1

Sports Survey 2

Sports Survey 3

Summer Bucket List Suggestions

Summer Bucket List

Summer Crack the Code

Summer Recipe – Banana Ice-Cream

Summer Recipe – Fruit Kebab

Summer Recipe – Pitta Pizzas

Summer Word Maker


The Human Eye Labelling 1

The Human Eye Labelling 2

Would you rather 1

Would you rather 2


P3 HL Week 10

Wk 3 HELP YOUR CHILD TO LEARN – Hi and Welcome to P3 Famies at Hermi

Using Edinburgh Libraries

Make Puppets for Your Castle

100 Square

1000 Square

Adding & Subtracting Chilli Challenge

Fractions-half and quarters worksheets

Listen Up!

P3s Lockdown Poem

Parts of the Ear PPT

Parts of the Ear

Sense of Smell

Senses Walk Record Sheet

Taste Test Record

What is Sound PPT

P3 HL Grid w.c. 3.6.20

Rhyme game

Shapes matchup

Wk 2 HELP YOUR CHILD TO LEARN – Hi and Welcome to P3 Famies at Hermi

Emotions matchup

Make A Castle for Ned and Friends1

Egg Experiment – Dental Health

Muscles PPT

Muscles worksheet 1

Muscles worksheet 2

Muscles worksheet 3

Number of the Day

Quarter to on analogue clock worksheet

Quarter to on digital clock worksheet

Scales in grams chilli challenge

Scales in kg chilli challenge

P3 HL Grid w.c. 27.5.20


Book Review – Hot

Book Review – Mild

Book Review- Spicy

Brain Bender

Brain Exercise Poster

Digestive system draw and label worksheet

Digestive system experiment

Digestive system labelling worksheet

GMM – Hot

GMM – Mild

GMM – Spicy

Parts of the Brain Poster

Measuring and drawing heights in cm

Quarter Past worksheet on Analouge clocks

Measuring Length in cm worksheet

Quarter Past worksheet on Digital Clocks

Mindful Minute Brain Break Cards

Science Report Template

P3 HL Week 7

60 Second Challenge

A Crane for Grandma





Carroll Diagram PowerPoint

Carroll Diagram Sorting Activity

George’s Marvellous Medicine – Vocabulary Ch 6-10

Marvellous Medicine #2

Mr. Kranky’s Great Idea

Nrich Problem Solving Butterfly Cards Instructions

Nrich Problem Solving Butterfly Cards Small

The Lungs Worksheet


Verbs and adverbs

Word Bingo

P3 HL Week 6

George’s Marvellous Medicine Ch 7

George’s Marvellous Medicine Ch 7 ANSWERS

Lochend Park – Adverbs

Inside the body Powerpoint

Identifying o’clock times

Identifying half past times

Human Bones

Handwriting – Adverbs

Doubling Numbers 10-50

Doubling Numbers 1-20

Doubling Numbers 1-10

Colouring Mr Bones

body organs worksheet

Adverb matching activity-sheet

Adding 3 digits Chilli Challenge

Wordsearch Template

Venn Diagram sorting activity

Venn Diagram powerpoint_

Show me o’clock times

Show me half past times

P3 HL Grid w.c. 6.5.20

Time Quiz

The Human Body Word Search

Tally and Bar Chart Activity

Science Report Template

Questions for Interpreting Tally and Bar Charts





Division by sharing word problems, chilli challenge

crisscross-subtraction games

P3 HL Week 4

Favourite Fruit Pictogram template

Tiny Positives

Hermie Counts – Adding & Subtracting

P3 HL Week 3

Health and Wellbeing Statements

Giving Change Worksheet Chilli Challenge

Extension Task – Check your change

Tens and Units 1a

Tens and Units 1b

Hundreds, Tens and Units PPM 13

Hundreds, Tens and Units PPM14

Hermie Counts – To and from a decade number

P3 HL Week 2

Home Learning P3 Week 1

Times Tables Songs