Primary 2 Learning 

Below you will find learning set by your child’s Teacher, updated each Wednesday while the school is closed. The documents will open as a PDF, which you can save if you wish. The expectation is that pupils will select a variety of activities during the week, although they may not complete all activities they should complete the majority of them. You are welcome to add to your child’s learning by creating different activities based around learning already set by Teachers (see our list of websites and follow us on Twitter for more ideas).

A section within Learning Journals (click here to be taken to the login page) allows you to add pictures and comments, usually reserved to show achievements outside of school, however, we are excited to see what learning is happening at home. Please upload pictures with a comment about the learning at least once a week. Teachers will be looking out for input by parents, which they will leave a comment on. You can access Parental support from here.

If you have any questions about the learning set by teachers please contact the school via or through a Direct Message on Twitter (@Hermitageparkps).


P2 HL Week 11

Types of energy (1)

Venn diagram for types of energy (1)

Venn-Diagram-Sweets-Sorting-Activity_ver_2 (1)

Add and subtract football theme 17.6

Adding 10 maze

Count on in 10’s

dge words cut and stick



P2 HL Week 10

Reading 3 digit numbers

Sound of Soft G Set(1)

What is energy_ (1)

Count by 10s off the decade

Feeling safe PDF for printing

Feeling Safe

Minibeast bar graph (1)

P2 HL Week 9

I Spy

Layers of the Ocean

Count back by 3s

Soft ‘g’ and hard ‘g’

Soft ‘g’ and hard ‘g’

Sound of Soft G Set

subtract 1 digit from mulriples of 10

Under The Sea Tally Chart (1)

Who can help me

Who can help me

HL P2 Week 8

Add 3 numbers cards

Add 3 numbers

block 5 soft c worksheet

Count by 3s Twinkl

Minibeast Pictogram wksht (1)

P2 HL Week 7


Problems easy and medium level

Sea food chain pictures

soft c spelling

subtract 1 digit from 2

P2 HL Week 6

missing addend 3

Magic e words and sentences

Home Learning Activities for w.b 13.5.20

P2 HL Week 5


Magic e with u worksheets

P2 HL Week 4

P2 HL Grid Week 3

P2 HL week 2

Home Learning P2 Week 1