P1b Golden Rules

We read stories about the Golden Rules and have all agreed to follow them. They are:

  • We work hard…we don’t waste time!
  • We are kind and helpful…we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings!
  • We are gentle…we don’t hurt others!
  • We are honest…we don’t cover up the truth!
  • We listen…we don’t interrupt!
  • We look after property…we don’t damage things!


P5a Learning Log 6th October

6th October

This week in the squares in maths we where learning how to round numbers up or down to the nearest 100.
We where also conecting triangles to make octahedrons we think it went well because it something  different.
This week in p.e we where doing fitness the best station was the tic tac toe it could have been better because it was to easy.
This week in the ICT suite we where using a program called paint to make a custom Pokemon. Aidens Pokemon was called mega blaster and Cameron s  one was called mega dragons.We  think it well because we all wanted to do Pokemon.We are looking forward to ukulele lesson because  we all found it fun.
Cameron and Aiden

p2a Learning Log January

13th January 2016

“I liked learning about soft c in literacy. I know that when c and e are together it makes the sound s.” –Kian

“I liked adding money in maths. I think it is easy but adding bigger coins over £1 is tricky!” –Kendyll

“I liked learning about soft c and trying to sound out words myself to write them.”                  -Ronnie

“I learnt new tricky words this week and tried to write them without looking. It was hard.” –Zahra

“I like learning about French colours and know some of them. Making the rainbow was fun.” -Emily


20th January 2017

“I learnt about star constellations and my own constellation. I made a dinosaur. “
– Georgia

“I learnt that no one can go near the sun because it is too hot.” –Nina

“I enjoyed doing soft c, I liked spelling the words out.” –Martin

“I liked jumping in P.E, using the springboard was fun.”-Cole

“I liked learning new words that have soft c in them.” -Robyn


27th January 2017

“We were learning about how to be healthy  and we made our own soup. We made potato and leek soup.” –Ayla

“We did an assembly about the sun, moon and stars to show what we have learnt in our topic. “ –Martin

“We learnt lots of facts about the sun, it is made of burning gas.” –Charlie

“In maths we learnt how to give change from 10p and 20ps.” –Dan

“I enjoyed talking about New Years resolutions and writing my home for school and at home.” -Erskine

Schools of Cooperation Level 3

Hermitage Park Primary is the first school in Edinburgh to receive the level 3 Schools of Co-operation award. This award was given to us by the Co-Operative Education Trust Scotland (CETS) and was awarded after a presentation by the Pupil Council to Morag Pendry and Hugh Donnelly.


To become a school of co-operation we had to democratically select and implement a co-operatively led school project chosen by the pupils and show increased awareness of co-operative values and principles (caring for others; democracy; equality; honesty; openness; self-help; self-responsibility; social responsibility; solidarity).  We follow and promote these values in school and cover them in whole school house meetings every month.


We were delighted when Morag announced that we were awarded level 3.  We previously had a level one award and managed to bypass level two with our project.schools-of-coop