P7a December 2016 Learning Logs


Thursday 15th December 2016

This week I learned about volume in maths. Volume is like area but you measure the width, length and the breadth. My group was doing composite shapes and I got all the questions right.

I enjoyed the coding this week because me and my friends figured out how to make computer art. I also liked making truffles because I really like truffles and I like baking.

This week I found algebra in maths quite hard because algebra is a completely new thing and it is quite confusing and challenging.

By Jack




Thursday 8th December 2016

Math – This week I have started to learn about volume.  We main 3D shapes out of cubes and find the volume.  We also did some textbook work

Home work – For homework we are starting to research for our Personal Project.  We are looking at different countries.  I am researching Spain.  The other countries are France, Brazil, Australia, China and India.

Christmas – We all made an advent calendar for homework last week so now we open the calendar every day until we leave school and you can swap with other people as well.

Bag backing – We went to Tesco to do some bag packing to raise money for our end of term celebrations.  We helped people to pack their bags in Tesco in Leith and that was really fun.  It was ok until there was loads of people that was A LOT HARDER.  We raised loads of money.

Art – Next week we are going to make sock Santa’s.  Last year we made sock Snowmen and it was so much fun.  Hopefully making the Santa’s will be just as much fun!

PE – PE with Mrs McLaughlin was great fun.  We did dance, well I did not because I’m injured but everyone else did, but we ran towards the other person that was across from us and we did a cool move like a cart wheel.

Reading – We worked on our book called ‘Our City’.  Everyone is enjoying reading it because it is based on Edinburgh and it is so so so so fun and I think we just choose a different story randomly.

By Amy




Thursday 1st December 2016

This week I enjoyed doing literacy/reading.  We read one of the short stories from a book called ‘Our World’ and the story that we read is called ‘Caught Red handed’.  I learnt it is not about punishing people it’s about taking responsibility for your own actions.  We sat on the carpet and looked in the book for good sentences to turn into questions.  I enjoyed doing this because it is different to what we normally do and it was fun.  I learnt how to turn a sentence into a detailed question.

In PE we learned some Hip hop/Street dance, dance moves. I learnt a move called tuting, tuting is when you move your hands and arms in lots of different ways.  I also learnt how to do the moon walk.  I really enjoyed our PE lesson.

In maths we are learning about area.  I still need to work on multiplying numbers with .5 like 3.5 or 6.5.  Next time we do maths I would like to understand it more so that I can answer more questions.

By Emily

P7a November 2016 Learning Logs


Friday 25th November 2016

This week in maths we have been learning about perimeter and area.  I learned that to find the area of a rectangle you have to multiply the length and breadth. To find the perimeter you add all the sides together.

Also on Thursday we went to the Risk Factory for the whole day.  We worked through 10 different scenarios and learned about the risks involved.  I learned a lot.  One of the things I learned was that if you go under lots of hay it could fall on you and you could suffocate.

I need to keep working on area and perimeter because I keep getting them confused!

This week I enjoyed the Risk Factory because I learned a lot and I want to go back and do it again!

By Ruby




Thursday 17th November 2016

This week in maths I have enjoyed doing the square maths with the Maths Students (experts).  I enjoyed this activity because I liked finding the squares inside of a 3 by 3 square but it was made out of dots

..       ..        .. Just like that and you would draw as many squares

..       ..        ..  as you could but the squares have to be different

..       ..        .. or  it won’t count.  After that we got these little squares and we made pictures with them and I made a big mac.  I also made a word and all it said was ‘Smile’ because I think if you smile then you won’t have any worries in life.

On Monday we had P.E with Mrs Gray I really enjoyed it because I love P.E and right now we’re doing athletics because we have sports hall athletics and I made the team for the competition.  On Wednesday with Mrs McLaughlin we practised the events and then we found out who made the team.  Today we had a treat because Miss Milne’s class had an Energy workshop so we got their P.E time with the S6 Leaders.  We played basketball, which was great fun!

It was a good week.


By James



Thursday 10th November 2016

This week in maths we learned about perimeter. Perimeter is the distance around the edge of a shape.  To work out the length of it you have to measure the sides and add the numbers up.  I understand how to find the perimeter of regular and irregular shapes.

In science I have learned what micro-organisms are. They are as the name says tiny (micro) living things (organisms).  There are 3 main kinds of micro-organisms: viruses, bacteria and fungi. We are making a flap book about it.

This week a man from SSPCA come in to tell us about his job. He told us some stories about looking after and caring for animals.  At the end we played a card game where he asked us questions about the animals and I won most of the cards.

This week I enjoyed art with Mrs Firth even though we didn’t do much. We are making a world map, everyone got a bit to draw.  I got Europe.  I am looking forward to carrying on with this next week.

By Karol