P4b December Learning Logs


This week we learned about Egyptian Pyramids- the Giza pyramids are the most famous- Troy

We learned a lot more about places of worship such as Christian churches and we designed our own church- Josh

We have been doing our coding in ICT. It is getting harder when you go up the levels so I would like to improve on that- Aidan

Other pupil comments:

We love learning all about the Egyptian pyramids- Troy

We are slowly getting better at our times tables but still need to keep practicing- Josh


Muckle reading is going very well. We did a task this week on Paddington Bear. We are going to keep working on that over the next few weeks- Carla


This week we learnt all about Ancient Egyptiqan Death masks! They were so cool. The Egyptians made these after death so they could have them in the afterlife. Then we created our own- Carla

We did a lot of work on our four times tables. We are getting better at them. We use a game called Loop Cards to help us- Amelia

We made our own mummies this week and learnt all about the mummification process. First you have to take out their brain using a hook, and then all of the other body parts before cleaning the body and wrapping it up- Joshua

Other Pupil Comments

We are working on our Scottish Country Dancing. It’s hard but we are practicing during PE- Nicolas

We gave a presentation talking about the place of worship we designed. We had to talk through all of the features of a place of worship, it was interesting- Zayn


This week during our Egyptian topic we learned all about Hieroglyphics and old Egyptian scrolls. We then made our own old Egyptian scrool using teabags and paper to create the effect of old paper. On top of this we wrote our name in Hieroglyphics. It was amazing! Troy

We are getting really good at our times tables. We play a game on TopMarks called Multiplication Bingo. We work in paris and help each other. Our target is to get quicker and quicker every week! Liam

Other Pupil Comments:

We get tested in our spelling during the week, or any words we find tricky during our big writing. This is helping us a lot. Alix

P2a Dazzle Day!


As part of our topic we have been learning about dazzle ships. We know that in the past dazzle ships were used in World War 1 and that there is an old dazzle ship at Leith docks now. To help us learn more about dazzle ships we had a dazzle day where we made our own dazzle patterns, designed our own dazzle ships and went on a dazzle treasure  hunt around the school. 

“I really enjoyed the letter hunt around the school”-Kian


“I liked making dazzle patterns with paint”-Emily


“I liked learning about dazzle ships in the war”-Ronnie


P2a trip to Lochend Park

img_3481_webAs part of our topic, Our Local Area Past and Present, we went on a trip to Lochend Park to find out more about the history of the area.

Two Lochend park rangers gave us a tour of different parts of the park and we found out a lot of  information about what the park was like in the past.

We had a great day at Lochend park and enjoyed looking inside the police box-it had lots of cool things like bugs to look at!

We learnt that in the past Lochend Park was similar to what it is like today and that there used to be a castle in the grounds of the park which is now abandoned.

P2a said…

“I liked learning about what has changed”– Kendyll

“The Lochend Park trip was exciting, I like going to the park”– Robyn

“It was good looking in the police box, there was lots of bugs in there”-Bea

P4b October-November Learning Logs


Last week we began learning about optical illusion art. This week we started to make our own optical illusion cubes- that was really fun and interesting. Opical illusion art plays tricks on your eyes! -Carla and Jai

We worked really well suring literacy this week. We were taught how to use the dictionary. Now we keep the dictionary on our table so we can use it to find a new word for our writing and to help with spelling- Blair

I think we really achieved our skill this week, ‘Working Together’. We shoudllg focus on a new skill next week- Hannah

Pupil Comments:

In the morning before we srat reading work on big writing we have to guess the meaning of a word that our teacher displays on the smartboard. This is really fun! The person who gets the closest guess gets to look up the actual meaning in the dictionary and share it with the class. This week we learnt the weord ‘haste’- it means to do something very fast. I woud like to do this every week so we learn a lot of nwe words.


This week we worked really well on our big writing- we focused on VCOP and adjectives to describe a spooky scene- Liam

In maths we learnt how to work out multiplication questions using arrays- Alix

We learnt about the different Dazzle artists and made fact files about them- Troy

Pupil Comments:

We worked very well in PE with Miss McLaughlin and we practiced our strength on the climbing frame

I loved writing the spooky story and I used a lot of adjectives- Liam


I think we wrote some great stories pretending we were on the Dazzle Ship during WW1- Nicolas

We learnt a lot about energy sources and different types of energy in our homes- Jai

We made equal groups of big numbers- Nicolas

We learnt new skills in football like dribbling around a cone and shooting- Jai

Other Pupil Comments

We really enjoyed our energy workshop and are looking forward to learning more about energy and electricity.

We also can’t wait to start our new topic, the Egyptians.

I think we need work harder in Maths and concentrate- Nicolas


We did a lot more work on using an empty number line to add two digit numbers- I think we are getting much better at it! Josh

I really enjoyed learning more about electricity. We did our own experiment! We used a ruler to pick up pieces of paper. This happens because static electricity is created when you rub the ruler off a certain type of surface like hair or a woolly jumper.- Shakira

Pupil Comments

We are really enjoying swimming! This week we learnt how to do a handstand and then make a start shape in the water! Sam McK

We need to work hard at our times tables- especially our 7 and 9 times tables. I am going to work on them this week. Abi

We can’t wait to start learning about Egyptians- it is our new topic this term. Hannah


This week we really enjoyed and worked hard at our first lesson on Egyptians- we learnt about the geography of Egypt. It is on the continent Africa- Amelia

In math we have been using the empty number line and are learning how to split the unit number- Luke

In swimming we are being encouraged to put our head under the water- Joshua

Other Pupil Comments:

We wrote a film review about the film we went to see at the cinema for the film festival- we worked hard on this- Adain

I think we need to keep practicing our dribbling skills in football because we need to try and dribble the ball around the cone quicker- Troy


This week we really enjoyed learning about the farming seasons in Egypt- Alix

I really enjoyed learning more about electricity. We talked about batteries and appliances that use them- Jai

We started working on coding in ICT time, its really fun- Joshua

Other Pupil Comments:

We are working really hard on our reading comprehension. We worked on Muckle reading grids this week- it was hard but fun!


I would like to learn about how an electrical circuit works- Carla


We cant wait to mummify our own mummies!!!