P7a November 2016 Learning Logs


Friday 25th November 2016

This week in maths we have been learning about perimeter and area.  I learned that to find the area of a rectangle you have to multiply the length and breadth. To find the perimeter you add all the sides together.

Also on Thursday we went to the Risk Factory for the whole day.  We worked through 10 different scenarios and learned about the risks involved.  I learned a lot.  One of the things I learned was that if you go under lots of hay it could fall on you and you could suffocate.

I need to keep working on area and perimeter because I keep getting them confused!

This week I enjoyed the Risk Factory because I learned a lot and I want to go back and do it again!

By Ruby




Thursday 17th November 2016

This week in maths I have enjoyed doing the square maths with the Maths Students (experts).  I enjoyed this activity because I liked finding the squares inside of a 3 by 3 square but it was made out of dots

..       ..        .. Just like that and you would draw as many squares

..       ..        ..  as you could but the squares have to be different

..       ..        .. or  it won’t count.  After that we got these little squares and we made pictures with them and I made a big mac.  I also made a word and all it said was ‘Smile’ because I think if you smile then you won’t have any worries in life.

On Monday we had P.E with Mrs Gray I really enjoyed it because I love P.E and right now we’re doing athletics because we have sports hall athletics and I made the team for the competition.  On Wednesday with Mrs McLaughlin we practised the events and then we found out who made the team.  Today we had a treat because Miss Milne’s class had an Energy workshop so we got their P.E time with the S6 Leaders.  We played basketball, which was great fun!

It was a good week.


By James



Thursday 10th November 2016

This week in maths we learned about perimeter. Perimeter is the distance around the edge of a shape.  To work out the length of it you have to measure the sides and add the numbers up.  I understand how to find the perimeter of regular and irregular shapes.

In science I have learned what micro-organisms are. They are as the name says tiny (micro) living things (organisms).  There are 3 main kinds of micro-organisms: viruses, bacteria and fungi. We are making a flap book about it.

This week a man from SSPCA come in to tell us about his job. He told us some stories about looking after and caring for animals.  At the end we played a card game where he asked us questions about the animals and I won most of the cards.

This week I enjoyed art with Mrs Firth even though we didn’t do much. We are making a world map, everyone got a bit to draw.  I got Europe.  I am looking forward to carrying on with this next week.

By Karol

P4b December Learning Logs


This week we learned about Egyptian Pyramids- the Giza pyramids are the most famous- Troy

We learned a lot more about places of worship such as Christian churches and we designed our own church- Josh

We have been doing our coding in ICT. It is getting harder when you go up the levels so I would like to improve on that- Aidan

Other pupil comments:

We love learning all about the Egyptian pyramids- Troy

We are slowly getting better at our times tables but still need to keep practicing- Josh


Muckle reading is going very well. We did a task this week on Paddington Bear. We are going to keep working on that over the next few weeks- Carla


This week we learnt all about Ancient Egyptiqan Death masks! They were so cool. The Egyptians made these after death so they could have them in the afterlife. Then we created our own- Carla

We did a lot of work on our four times tables. We are getting better at them. We use a game called Loop Cards to help us- Amelia

We made our own mummies this week and learnt all about the mummification process. First you have to take out their brain using a hook, and then all of the other body parts before cleaning the body and wrapping it up- Joshua

Other Pupil Comments

We are working on our Scottish Country Dancing. It’s hard but we are practicing during PE- Nicolas

We gave a presentation talking about the place of worship we designed. We had to talk through all of the features of a place of worship, it was interesting- Zayn


This week during our Egyptian topic we learned all about Hieroglyphics and old Egyptian scrolls. We then made our own old Egyptian scrool using teabags and paper to create the effect of old paper. On top of this we wrote our name in Hieroglyphics. It was amazing! Troy

We are getting really good at our times tables. We play a game on TopMarks called Multiplication Bingo. We work in paris and help each other. Our target is to get quicker and quicker every week! Liam

Other Pupil Comments:

We get tested in our spelling during the week, or any words we find tricky during our big writing. This is helping us a lot. Alix

P2a Dazzle Day!


As part of our topic we have been learning about dazzle ships. We know that in the past dazzle ships were used in World War 1 and that there is an old dazzle ship at Leith docks now. To help us learn more about dazzle ships we had a dazzle day where we made our own dazzle patterns, designed our own dazzle ships and went on a dazzle treasure  hunt around the school. 

“I really enjoyed the letter hunt around the school”-Kian


“I liked making dazzle patterns with paint”-Emily


“I liked learning about dazzle ships in the war”-Ronnie