P3a Learning Log 10th to 13th January

Anansi Storymap

Anansi story
.Friday 13th January

This week in literacy we’ve been learning about storytelling. We liked the game ‘Liar, Liar’. We were listening to a story told by our friends. Then the teacher told us a story about Anansi the spider and we made story maps like the one in the picture. We enjoyed this. We told another group the story.

We liked P.E. because  we  are  doing  gymmastics.

Kaitlynne and Lewis

This Week’s Bloggers

Bloggers T3 1
This week in maths we’re learning about time. We learnt a rhyme about the days in each month. We learnt that there are 366 days in a Leap Year and 365 in a normal year. There are 52 weeks in a year.

We did lots of art work. We started a space rocket and wrote our New Year’s Resolution on it. We’re going to put these on the wall.

Kaitlynne and Lewis

P3a Learning Log August to October 2016

This Week’s Bloggers

Bloggers replace
Friday 14th October

This week in maths we were learning about symmetry. We’re learning vertical and horizontal lines of symmetry. We did a worksheet that had houses on it and we needed to match them. We made symmetry shapes too and some are on the wall.

In science we played with magnets. We were trying to find out which objects stick to the magnets. We put magnets under the table and they moved metal things on the table. It was fun.

Megan and Justin


Our Titanic Models

Titanic Models
Here are a few Titanic models we made for homework. In class we’re going to make Titanic models in groups and put our dazzle patterns on them. We finished watching the Titanic cartoon and it was great!

In writng we made a poster to get more children to walk to school. It keeps you fit and healthy. We had to do bright colours and huge writing.

Megan and Justin



Optical Illusions.


Optical illusions
Friday 7th October

This week in art we designed some optical illusions to use for our Dazzle Ships. We did bumpy lines and straight lines. Everyone liked it and our pictures look great!

In maths we did a good test about directions but it was hard! We practised counting in 2s,3s, 5s and 10s. We really liked the ‘Singing Walrus’.

In P.E  We did egg roles and we had to use our tummy muscles. We are leaning about fitness.

Sam and Holly

This Week’s Bloggers


Bloggers T1 6
In writing we wrote a Titanic story ‘Disaster Strikes’. We are learning to use adjectives, capital letters and full stops. We were very good at it. It was about the Titanic when it crashed into the iceberg. We used wow words like ‘terrified’, ‘panic’, ‘water gushing’, ‘petrified’ and ‘stunned’.

Sam and Holly



This Week’s Bloggers

Bloggers T1 5
Friday 30th September

This week we learnt about Dazzle Ships. We learnt to colour and make a  pattern for our dazzle ships. We had to use bright colours, lines and shapes.

We also did a Titanic colouring sheet for the different parts of the ship. It was fun.

Vivid and Ben


Christmas Card Designs

Xmas Cards
Here are the snowmen Christmas cards we designed. We used cotton buds and paint. We really enjoyed this because it was messy and fun!

In maths we’re learning grid references like A2 and C5. We played Grid Zoo and we did well.

This week in writing we had to describe our 1st class bedroom on the Titanic. We looked at photos and had to use adjectives. The bedrooms were amazing!

Vivid and Ben



Ready, Steady, Go!


Daily Mile
Friday 23rd September

Here we are, ready for the Daily Mile. We started with 3 minutes and now we do 4 minutes every day. Now we can do 4 and 3 quarter times round the playground. We like the Daily Mile because it keeps us fit.

Justin and Hollie


This Week’s Bloggers


Bloggers T1 4
In maths we learnt counting in 3s and 4s. Our group are also adding one digit to 2 digit numbers like 34 + 3=37, 44+3=47, 54+3=57. Can you see the pattern?

In writing we had to write a poem about friends. We did it in groups of three and it was fun.

In science we’re learning about forces. We had to design a toy with a push, pull and twist. My toy is a pokeball that turns into a pokemon called Gaslay. Hollie’s toy is a toy duck. You pull a string to make it move. You push its wing and it quacks. You twist its head  and it moves.

Justin and Hollie




This Week’s Bloggers

Bloggers T1 3
Friday 16th September

This week in maths we are learning to give directions. We told people how to get to different places in the room. We had to say how many steps forward or back and to turn left or right. It was fun!

Annabel and Leah

We Love Reading!


Reading Tasks
In reading we fill in missing words and answer questions about the stories. We did worksheets in partners.

In writing we wrote about going on the Titanic. We had to think of a good story opener. Mine was: ‘Finally the Titanic appeared at the docks.’ Leah’s wrote that she was excited and nervous at the same time.

Annabel and Leah



Problem Solving

Problem Solving
Friday 9th September

In maths we are learning to solve word problems. Today  we did one about sharing.  It was about sweets.  There were four children and 24 sweets. How many sweets did each one get?  We drew the sweets and the people. Then we got the answer 6.

In P.E. we learnt to hit a ball with a tennis racket and work with a ball.

Alexei and Nora

This Week’s Bloggers

Bloggers T1 2
This week in writing we had to make sentences more interesting. We had a sentence about a kangaroo: The kangaroo jumped. We had to add adjectives and work in groups. Nora’s group’s sentence was: The beautiful kangaroo jumped incredibly high into space and he went to explore. Alexei’s group’s was: The magic kangaroo jumped over the moon because it was very excited about a party.

Alexei and Nora



This Week’s Bloggers


Bloggers T1 1
Friday 2nd September

In Science we are learning about forces. If you want something to move, you have to push, pull or twist it. We watched a video about forces and we moved some toys.

In maths we did number sums for our partner and they had to fill in the missing number. We played a game with dice and some people made a board game with adding and subtraction. We need to finish them.

Ruri and Lexi






Spelling Games


Spelling games 1
This week we practised our spelling. We played tic tac toe with our spelling words. In literacy we learnt about capital letters and full stops, question marks and exclamation marks. We did Kung Fu Punctuation and it was fun!

Today we’re singing a rap at the school assembly about resilience. We read a part of Fantastic Mr Fox.  We are Mr Fox’s children and we try to encourage Mr.Fox. It’s exciting!

Ruri and Lexi



Showing our Dance Moves

Dance taster 1
Friday 26th August

This week in P.E. we learnt a dance in the hall. It was easy because you had to do exercises and stretches. It was fun. We are also learning to track a ball in P.E. We are all getting better at catching the ball.

In reading we designed a book cover. We had to remember to draw a colourful picture and to write the author, the illustrator and the title. A lot of our book covers are up on the wall.

Making Repeated Patterns

Patterns 2
In maths this week we have been learning about shape, colour, picture and number patterns. We are quite good at this. On Friday we had a biscuit problem to solve. It was difficult but we got it in the end. To get better at problem solving we need to remember ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’.

P3a Learning Log November to December 2016

Snowmen Biscuits

Snowmen Biscuits
Friday 16th December

On Monday this week we all made snowmen biscuits. We used biscuits, marshmallows and sweets. It was fun and we got to eat them. They were delicious.

Justin and Skye


This Week’s Bloggers

Bloggers T2 8
In maths we are learning to change pounds to pence and pence to pounds.

In PE we were dancing. We did Scottish dancing and a Mexican Hat Dance.

In art we did Christmas cards. We did well. Today we saw the P5 assembly. It was good.

Justin and Skye


This Week’s Bloggers

Bloggers T2 7
Friday 9th December

This week in Art we painted a rainforest scene like Henri Rousseau’s picture. We weren’t allowed to leave any white spaces. We had to include loads of detail in our picture and we had to copy the picture as well as we could do. We had to be very careful.

In writing we read a pretend newspaper and started to write our own newspaper article but we only had time to write 2 or 3 paragraphs. It was about the gruffallo. My headline was Greatest Animal Ever!

Ruri and Paige



P.E. Star

P.E. Star

Here I am with my P.E. award I got for invasion games in football. In dancing we learnt to do Scottish Country Dancing for our party. We liked ‘The Flying Scotsman’.

In maths we did dividing problems. We did a lot of subtraction and played money games. We liked ‘Four In a Row’ and adding money in the class shop.

Ruri and Paige




The Birdie Dance


Birdie Dance
Friday 2nd December

This week in P.E. we were learning dancing. Here we are practising the Birdie Dance for our party. It is very funny and silly. We had to pretend to be birds.

We also did a dance to the ‘Troll’ song and we learnt 2 Scottish Dances. What a lot of dancing!

Holly and Abdul


This Week’s Bloggers


Bloggers T2 6
This week in maths we were learning about money. We made a mini shop and we were buying things. We had to find different ways to pay.

We played a good game on the smartboard called ‘Ice-Cream’. We had to add up the coins.

We love the Rainforest song because it shows us the animals and it’s very colourful.

Holly and Abdul



This Week’s Bloggers

Bloggers T2 5
Friday 25th November

This week in maths we were adding, subtracting and learning about money. We enjoyed sorting the money from 1p to £2. We enjoyed the Education City game Ice- cream. The squares also did division this week.The circles did missing numbers.

Elise and Hollie


Macaws by Elise and Hollie

Here’s the Hyacinth macaw Elise made and Hollie’s drawing of a macaw. They live in the canopy layer of the rainforest.

This week we enjoyed writing a poem about a rain forest animal. We loved the rainforest song too.

Elise and Hollie



Magic Road Safety Show


Magic Show
Friday 18th November

This week we had a Magic Show about Road Safety. The magic words are stop, look, listen and think. We learnt not to cross the road without an adult and not to cross the road between parked cars.

In maths we were looking at 3D shapes and counting the faces, edges and vertices (corners).

Sam and Nadia


This Week’s Bloggers


Bloggers T2 4
This week we’ve also been learning about the rainforest. We watched a video about the layers and animals. We learnt that there are less than 4000 tigers left. Elise made a Hyacinth Macaw and it’s in danger too. We looked at the patterns on snakes and made our own snakes. We really liked the rainforest song.

Sam and Nadia



This Week’s Bloggers

Bloggers T2 3
Friday 11th November

This week in reading we had to predict what was going to happen in our reading books from the cover. We also drew our favourite characters and wrote about them.

On Thursday we went out in the playground for Loose Parts Play. We made dens and factories and swimming pools and a tyre swing.

Celeste and Ella

Are you dazzled?


Dazzle Titanics
This week in art we made Dazzle Titanic ships in pairs or threes. We stuck our dazzle patterns on the ships and we made funnels. Our Mums and Dads came to see them and they liked them.

In maths we were learning doubles using the abacus and we learnt about 3D shapes. We had to say how many faces and corners our shape had. I had a hexagonal prism and Ella had a triangular prism.

Celeste and Ella


The Secret Garden

Secret Garden 5
Thursday 3rd November

This week in maths we were putting big numbers in order. We were also learning 2D shapes. We did a worksheet about 2D shapes like rectangles, squares, circles, semi-circles, triangles, pentagons and hexagons. We were watching a video about 2D shapes in the streets and buildings.

In PE we moved onto the next block. We did football skills. We are learning to control the ball and we’re doing well.

This week in writing we did posters about fireworks. We had to write instructions for keeping safe with fireworks.

Millie and Shlok

P2a December Learning Log.

2nd December 2016

We all had a great day today at our Christmas fair and enjoyed taking part in different Christmas art activities in class. 


9th December 2016

“I learnt more words with magic e this week and I know that magic e scares the vowels to say their real name.” –Erskine

“We learnt about money in maths. I know that when you count money you should start with the biggest coin first then add the smaller coins on to make the total.”–Rory

“I learnt the different coins and can put them in order of smallest-biggest value.”–Kendyll

“I enjoyed doing Christmas baking with Leanne, we got to do all the measuring and mixing ourselves! “–Ayla

“I learnt that the moon is made of rock and that the sun makes the moon change shape.” -Aairia


P6a Learning Log w.c. 29/8/16


David’s Learning Log

L.I.to show what I have been learning this week.

This week in maths we went round different tables doing different tasks. I found it pretty easy. My favourite task was the smart board. We got to do times tables games and 3d shapes on Education City.

In BIG writing we wrote a letter to someone saying what we are enjoying so far in p6a. I wrote mine to my little cousin Isla saying each thing we do and I wrote down everyone’s jobs.

This week I enjoyed doing my 3D hand and the Iron Man pictures.

Also Hibs came to school and showed us the Scottish cup and we were singing Hibs songs. Martin Boyle came as the player we were all really happy it was him.

We also had band auditions. I would really like to play trombone. We got a shot of each instrument and the trombone suited me most.

P1b Learning Log 28.11.16

What is going well?

“I liked doing Little Red Riding Hood. I was pretending to be the wolf!” – Logan

“Doing Christmas art and colouring in the Christmas tree.” – Joseph

“We made the classroom nice and Christmassy!” – Erika

“I liked working with my buddy in P6.” – Caiden

“I learned how to write my name.” – Kayla

“I like playing in the playground with Ibraheem.” – PJ

“Playing with all my friends.” – Jaxx


P1b Learning Log 21.11.16

What is going well?

“I liked playing on the computers and with the fire station.” – Humza

“Writing letters in the sand.” – Sarah

“Using the iPads.” – Klaudia

“Colouring in healthy foods.” – Laukya

“We are learning how to play hockey.” – Alex

“We read the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf gobbled her up!” – Isla

“I liked playing on the hammock!” – Kayla