P4b August- September Learning Logs


We enjoyed making our Wesak Lanterns and learning all about the most important Buddhist festival- Troy

We have been finding out a lot about Roald Dahl and we celebrated his 100th birthday by making him cards- Nicolas

We also completed a Roald Dahl quiz during ICT time using the computer- Hannah

Pupil Comments:

We really enjoy reading James and the Giant Peach and we were very happy to make Roald Dahl Birthday cards, we think he would really like them!

We are learning a lot of new skills in PE like how to hit a ball using a tennis racquet.


We enjoyed learning a bit about Dazzle Ships and we loved designing our own ship

We are working hard in Maths:

As a class we have been working on addition using the Empty Number Line (ENL) and we have also been spending a lot of time revising our 3 and 5 times tables.

Pupils comments:

Learning about the Dazzle Ship was very interesting. We are really looking forward to doing a lot more work on our topic and finding out as much as we can about Dazzle Ships and WW1 and WW2.

Stay tuned….


At Read, Write, Ink this week we did really well mathcing letter sounds to the appropriate letter- Ava

We made super posters to encourgae others to walk to school- Ella

We worked really well on our reading comprehension this week and the whole class was awarded a house point each for working so hard- Luke

Pupil Comments:

I think our French is really improving. We are all able to write the day on the aord eveyr morning. This week were talking about the members in our family and we then got to draw them. I think we could learn even more French! -Shakira


We have been working very hard on our subtraction facts this week

We have been using the empty number line to support our mental strategies when working out subtraction facts

We made amazing Christmas Cards for the Cauliflower Christmas Card challenge- that was really fun!

Pupil Comments:

We now know how to say ‘today is’ in French. In the mornings our teacher chooses somebody to write the day in French on the blackboard. It helps us remember hat we have learnt!


We have really enjoyed learning all about optical illusion when we do our Dazzle Ship. We learnt about Op Art and we have started drawing and designing our own piece of op art- Abi

We have started learning some division in maths. I really enjoy that as I find it more challenging- Josh

I think our cursive is really improving. I can see mine getting better already- Emma

Pupil Comments:

We would love to do more art work based on our Dazzle Ship topic. Learning about optical illusions is really interesting- Josh and Emma

I think we are working towards having good friendships in the class. This week our skill was ‘Working Together’. Maybe we could keep this skill for next week too? Josef



P5a Learning Log – 28th October

28th October

This week we did our learning log as a class, here is what we thought had gone well during the week.

We think that loose parts play went really well because we worked well together and made some really good dens.

We thought symmetry in maths went well because we managed  to use 2 lines of symmetry to draw a picture.

We think that our topic work to make a mobile has gone well, we have been able to show everything that we have learnt and share it with people. We have some Morse code to work out too.

We think we are getting better at writing about settings, most of us managed to create a setting which another pair could draw from what we had written. It was fun

P4a Learning Log September 2016


This week we wrote our Weekly Reviews on the computers. We were using Word and changing the size, font and colours and also adding designs. Some of us used Clicker on the ipad for our work.

Snippets from our Weekly Reviews –

‘This week I learned how to make a 3d cube. We put Op Art designs on it.’ Alfred

‘This week I have learned in my maths group more about arrays because I knew just a little bit about arrays. Now I know a lot more.’ Lainey

‘This week I learned about Optical Illusions and Dazzle. We made cool models.’ Marc

‘I want to find more about the Dazzle Ship designs because I like to learn about HISTORY! I love history.’ Charlotte

‘This week I didn’t like Big Writing because I’m not good at poetry because I’m not Robert Burns.’ Joey (I think this sentence shows you have good writing skills and a sense of humour which can be good for poetry. – Miss B.)






P7a September 2016 Learning Logs


Thursday 22nd September 2016

In maths we have been learning about bearings. I have learned what a bearing is and you need to know what the angle is to know the bearing. Here is an example, angle : 45 degrees, bearing : 045 degrees.  The bearing always has to be measure clockwise from North and have 3 digits. It is important that I know this because I will need to know what the bearing of an angle is.  My next step is to be able to use bearings to read a map.

In PE I have learned how to do a small rally with someone that is the same level as me. Also, I got a trophy for improving the most in our racquets block in PE.  It is important that I know this because if I am in a real game I know how to do a rally. My next steps are to do a longer rally.  My highest score is 20 with Millie.

By Sarah


Thursday 15th September 2016

This week in Maths we were learning about 8 point rose compasses. I learnt that in between North, South, East and West there is North East, North West, South East and South West.

It is important that I know this so that if I am lost I know the directions on a compass or if I have to do this again.

My next steps are to be able to read and follow directions with an eight point compass.

This week in Daily Mile we were working on stamina and good pacing.

Good pacing is important because you need to be able to be able to run for a long time and not get too tired. Stamina is important because it keeps you going for a long time.

My next steps are to be able to run a bit faster and for longer.

By Erin


Thursday 8th September 2016

In maths I have learned how to identify angles using the names acute, obtuse, right, straight and reflex.  I have also learned how to measure angles using a protractor.

In P.E I learned how to do a drop shot in badminton.  A drop shot is when you hit the shuttle just over the net and when your opponent is far away from the net and if they get to it you can do the smash shot the smash shot is when you hit the shuttle really hard to the ground.

In our topic we are learning about the Dazzle Ships and Leith docklands.

In enjoyed going to the computer suite to play sum dog because it helps you to get better at your maths.

By Kamran


Thursday 1st September 2016

In maths this week I have learned how to use a protractor to draw an angle.

It is important I know how to do this because we need to learn how to measure things in the future when I get a job.

My next steps are to be able to draw a reflex angle.

In Literacy this week I have learned about different types of VCOP.

It is important I know this because if we are going to get a job we need to know how to use good vocabulary and punctuation correctly.

My next steps are to up-level my work using good VCOP.

by Millie