P6b Learning Log

Nereea’s Learning Log

This week we did Drama. We used our masks and made a Greek play. It could be a comedy, a tragedy or a satire. Satire is when you make fun of everyday situations.

We did more Drama in Spanish. We had to act out different emotions and use the Spanish words to say what they were.

In maths my group were learning to read and write different times.

We also started to write a chase story. My story will be scary and exciting!

Safer Internet



I thought it would be useful to share this, and hope you find it helpful.

Safer Internet Day 2018 is being celebrated globally on Tuesday 6 February 2018 with the slogan “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”.

Their website has a variety of useful resources and information for you and your child.


In the UK, Safer Internet Day is organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre www.saferinternetday.org.uk

Online communication is now an integral part of everyday life for many people. It is a world of fun, communication, information, and knowledge. The children learn about online safety as part of the curriculum, and it is the focus for a number of activities this week. I hope the top tips and websites below are useful, and support you in helping to keep your children safe online.


Top tips include:

  • Teach your children never to give out any personal and private information to people that they do not know online
  • Ask your children to show you the programs they use online such as; Snapchat Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Never let anyone use your password and never use anyone else’s password to access a PC or the Internet

ThinkUKnow https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/ is a great place to learn more about how to help you, and your family stay safer online.

https://familyshare.com/19793/10-things-parents-and-kids-should-know-about-the-snapchat-app Continue reading “Safer Internet”

P3a Learning Log 8th February 2018

This week in topic we were learning about Greyfriars Bobby. We watched some of the film about Greyfriars Bobby. Bobby’s master was a night watchman. Bobby stayed beside him all the time.

In maths we learnt how to tell the time. We learnt o’clock, quarter past, quarter to and half past.

In big writing we told an Alien where to go in Scotland and what famous buildings to visit.

In P.E. we did gymnastics. We learnt how to do forward rolls and backward rolls and we climbed the climbing frame.

Nina got the P.E. award for the gymnastics block.

Comic Book Heroes came again and we learnt how to record our voices. It was fun.

Robyn & Kendyll

Recording our voices for ‘Comic Book Heroes’

What’s the time?

Maths starter


Drama: Interviewing Robert Burns

Homework tasks: shortbread and a model of the National Monument of Scotland

Zoe and Kendyll

Nursery News


Dear Nursery Parents and Carers

Volcanoes have still been of interest this week in nursery. The volcano experiment was carried out in the garden.  The pupils watched the volcano erupt using the experiment with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.  The children used fabulous vocabulary such as ‘dormant,’ lava and ‘extinct’. This is the beginning of understanding chemical reactions and the world around us.

We will also be joining the school achievements celebrations in giving the Star of the Week award.  A pupil can receive this recognition for being a good friend, following instructions, tidying up, sharing and good listening.  The staff will decide at the end of the week and the pupil’s photo will be placed on a board at the school entrance.  A certificate will also be awarded.

Bertie and Rosie bear will be emerging out of hibernation and coming home with the children for a night again!  Everyone is very excited.  The children can complete their diaries and we can share their stories with the class. You don’t have to take lots of photos.  A drawing by the children is super too.  This is a great way to build on the children’s confidence in speaking to a large group.  It will also allow our new nursery pupils to have a turn and get to know the other pupils in the class.

The two nursery sessions had class photographs taken on Thursday.  Look out for more information on how to purchase these.

Please can we ask all children to dismount from their scooters/bikes when entering the school playground.


Kind regards

The nursery team

HT Blog 2.2.18

Dear Parents and Carers                                                                                              2.2.2018

What a great start to the week- the Pupil Council on the front page of the Evening News with Lari Don. The photograph is on our school website along with a few others. The Scots finalists armed with their Lari Don book prize, were delighted to showcase their talented recitations to parents and carers at the HPPA Coffee Morning. Thank you all for your support.

Congratulations to our Hermitage Park Stars of the Week: P1a Devyn, P1b Lexi,   P2/1 Caiden, P2 Luolin,  P3a Erskine,  P3b Maya,  P4a Skye, P4b Rhys, P5a Miller, P5b Amelia, P6a Maisie, P6b Matthew, P7a Ming Chang, P7b Harry.

Well done to: P1a Youcef, P2 Freya, P2 Joe, P2 Hannah, P2 Harris, Sophia, Sam, P4b Jude, Humza, P6b Luke, P7b Kalina, Lewis, P7 Campbell and Weronika for receiving their Bronze House Point Certificates.

Well done to: P6b Liam for receiving his Silver House Point Certificate.

Please note there are more certificates to be presented on Monday.

If your child is absent from school please phone the school providing a reason for the absence. This enables us to record the correct code. Please leave a message on the absence line in response to an absence enquiry.

Unfortunately, we have had several incidents this week of inappropriate use of messaging using social networking sites by children.  This is extremely concerning for all and has caused upset both within and out with school.  Our Community Police Officer PC Ferry met with our P6 and P7 classes to discuss Cyberbullying. The children will be learning more about Internet Safety with their class teachers, and at assembly next week.

Please see the links below for more information.





Please remember that the minimum age requirement to be eligible to sign up for the social media sites listed is 13+

Following the success of our P5-P7 Drumming Sessions recently, if your child is interested in a Drumming Club there are some free places available on Monday evening and Friday groups.  Please e-mail Rohan to find out more pulseoftheplace@gmail.com.

Website: http://www.artsafternoon.org.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pulseoftheplace

Please note the HT Blog and Nursery news will be published on the school website on a Friday and sent via parent pay on a Monday so we can include the Stars of the Week and House Point Certificates. If you have not already registered for parent pay, can I please ask you to contact Sarah Reid in the office who will issue you with log-in details.

You will be sent a link via email to access your child’s Learning Journal.  I hope you enjoy reading about their learning journey as much as I have.


Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 6 February: Safer Internet Day

Thursday 1 March: HP Schools Association movie night

Thursday 1 March: World Book Day

Friday 9 February- break for February Holiday

Monday 19 February- children return

Friday 16 March: Mindfulness Workshop for Parents and Carers


If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Natalie Borrowman

Acting Head Teacher










Pupil Voice W/B 29.01.2018 – P4b

This week has been progress jotter week. All children’s work has been recorded in the jotter and will be sent out on Wednesday of next week. P4b have had a very busy week of learning!

What is going well?


I enjoy learning about…


Kyle- I enjoyed gymnastics

Emma- I liked learning about gymnastics

Jamie- I enjoyed doing signalong training

Alex CL- I enjoyed gymnastics in PE

Josh- I enjoyed gymnastics

Jenna- I liked learning sign language

What could be better?


I want to improve…


Vanshika- I would like to get better at grids in maths

Fletcher- I would like to work on my sign language as it was quite tricky

Amelie- I would like to learn more about Leith

Cayden- I would like to get better at sign language

Ruairidh- I want to get better at Spanish