1+2 Modern Languages Curriculum Evening

We held a 1+2 curriculum evening to inform the school community about our recent trips to France and Spain. During the evening parents, carers and children had the opportunity to visit different stations and discuss activities we learnt about on our trips and then had the opportunity to try them out themselves. Thank you to those who came along to discuss the activities that we had on show. Below are some quotes from parents and carers who attended;

“Great to see all the interesting and interactive ways of teaching languages.”

“Fantastic stuff, really impressed. Keep up the good work.”

“Lots of fun resources and games that must make learning easier.”

“Great to see the variety of teaching methods being used in the classroom to engage the children.”

P5a – outdoor literacy

We were finishing off our learning about apostrophes by having a contraction competition outside! We had two lists and had to make as many contractions that we could. It was great fun and we all enjoyed trying to beat each other. The winning pair were Oliver and Milo with 45, Marcus and Morgan had 40 and came second, Mia and Maisie came third with 34! Great work everyone. 

P2a Learning Log 12.06.17-16.06.17

What is going well?

“I have learnt about halves and quarters in maths.” –Ronnie

“I liked doing pictures in the style of Laurel Burch.” –Kendyll

“I liked going to vote for the committees this week.” –Florence

“I liked learning about how to look after pets.” –Jackson

“I have been learning about quarters and halves, I think it is easy.” -Rory


What could be better?

“If we could learn about thirds in maths.” –Georgia

“In topic I would like to learn about dangerous animals you can find in the jungle.”


“To learn about extinct animals.” –Kaitlyn

“To learn more about endangered animals.” –Rory

“To go outside to do some learning.” -Amy

This week we learnt about the artist Laurel Burch. We looked at her artwork and discussed the style of her work. We noticed that she likes to use bright colours and patterns and a lot of her work is about living things. We then created our own pet pictures following this style. We all enjoyed this task and our artwork looks fantastic! 

This week in maths we have been learning about fractions. We learnt about halves and quarters and played games to help us. Here are some photos of us learning. 

P1b Learning Log 12.06.17

What is going well?

“I like counting up to 30.” – Theo

“I liked sports day! I liked doing the races.” – Erika

“I like going in the home corner.” – Paul

“I like doing Pupil Voice because we get to talk about what has been going well at school.” – Logan

“I liked making cards.” – Kayla

“I liked doing the sack race on sports day.” – Sophia

“I liked sports day because I took the spoon and put an egg on it then walked!” – Zilan

“I liked doing the running race.” – Klaudia

“I like doing milk and story because milk is healthy.” – Kaede

“I liked doing drawings.” – Ellis

“I liked making cards for Father’s Day.” – Ibraheem

“I like doing Literacy because I like getting stuff right.” – Theo

Next week we would like to do some junk modelling!

P2b Learning Log – 12.6.17

What is going well?

P2b loved taking part in sports day this year. It was so much fun!

I enjoyed the obstacle race at sports days – Luci

I enjoyed the sack race at sports day – Maya

I have enjoyed learning more about fractions – Karly

I enjoyed writing a letter to Miss Alexander telling her what I’ve done well this year and what I would like to get better at in P3 – Sadie

I loved meeting my new teacher – Laila

I have enjoyed singing the French alphabet in class – Josie

I have enjoyed counting in 3s – Daisy

What could be better?

I would like to get better at the daily mile – Christopher

I would like to count in higher numbers – Victor

I would like to count up to higher numbers in maths – Polly

I would like to get better at counting in 4s and 5s – Karly

I would like to play more games in PE – Severijus

P3a Learning Log 12th to 16th June

This week we liked doing the voting. Each candidate did a little speech about what they want to do. Here are our some of our slogans. Vote Ruri to make the school a better place. Vote Alexei for a fairer world.

This week we had our sports day primary 1-3. Alexei took part in the hurdles race and came 4th and Ruri took part in the sprint race and came 2nd. It was really fun!

This week we met our P4 teacher called Miss Milne. She was really fun and kind and we got to do dazzle patterns for the first letter of our name. It was really fun!

To improve, Alexei needs to use more punctuation and Ruri needs to get better at problem solving.

Alexei and Ruri

Ruri and Alexei

Fair trade Committee candidates
Health committee hopefuls
Pupil Council candidates
Eco committee hopefuls
Ballot papers at the ready
Adding 2 digit numbers
In our sports houses, ready for action!