P6b Learning Log w.c.27.11.17

Brandon’s Learning Log



Maths – We learned about triangles:

isosceles – two sides are the same length

scalene – no sides are the same

equilteral – all sides are the same.

Music – We are practising our carol singing and getting better at our singing in general. Some of the songs are Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and Jingle Bells.

Art – We were drwing our suns with weird designs and hot colours. We also made robins for the Christmas Fair – and they all sold out!

P.E. We practised some Scottish Country Dances for our party with the Leith Academy Sports Leaders. We learned the Canadian Barn Dance, the Virginia Reel and the Gay Gordons. We also had football training with the coaches from Hibs. We did warm ups, drills and mini games.

P2 (01.12.17)

We were joined by a new addition to our class today- Kingy the Elf. He made his appearance by zip line and dropped candy canes everywhere!

The children have decided that Kingy is a good elf but think he might provide some tricky challenges for them to complete in the run up to Christmas.

Today Kshitiz and Adrian opened the first day of our advent calendar. Every child will get the chance to open a door.

During the Christmas fair we got into the Christmas spirit by listening to Christmas music whilst enjoying a Christmas craft session. The children of P2 made some beautiful decorations for the class!


P2/1 Learning Log 30.11.17

What is going well?

David – doing our worksheets, the ones when we were learning the qu sound

Sarah – clapping in music

Alex – picking magic e words out of a sentence

Aidan – when I was getting speedy at football and I scored

Jack – at football I may have lost but I still got to score a goal that was good

Erika – singing nativity songs

Ellis – My speaking part in the Nativity is going well

Logan R – I got beat at football but I got the football on my chest which was good

Caiden – turning the music on and off (in the nativity practice)


What could be better?

Carrie – I want to work on mental maths

Yasmin – it was hard to do my qu worksheet

Faye – mental maths could be better

Isla – the worksheet where we read the sentences and filled in the magic e words was a bit tricky

Kayla – learning oi words could be better

Theo – the football could be even harder

Tristan – learning about mental maths

This week we really enjoyed hibs coaches teaching us football. Next week we would like to go on more adventures.

P3a Learning Log 30th November

This week in maths we played a money game and it was fun. We had to choose the right coins to buy a toy.

The triangles group also counted in 10s off the decade, like 21 31 41 51.

This week in literacy we did fun worksheets to help us get better at spelling.

The moon and stars groups read about mini beasts and answered questions. Also we did -Ed words, like calmed.

In topic we learnt about the different animals from the rainforest. We learnt about the toucan and the golden lion tamarind monkey, the harpy eagle, the manatee and the grey mouse lemur.

This week in gym we played football with Neil and we did Scottish dancing.

We need to get better at listening.

Aaira and Kaitlyn

Aaira and Kaitlyn Learning about rainforest animals

P6b Learning Log w.c. 13.11.17


We went to the Cinema this week to see the Goosebumps movie. Everyone enjoyed it, but it was a little bit scary! Everyone had different favourite scenes and characters. We certainly had lots to talk about! We wrote plans for our movie reviews and we will write them next week.

We went outside to find and measure different types of angles. We were surprised how many different kinds we could find! We even worked out how to measure a reflex angle, which is more than 180 degrees.

P6b Learning Log w.c. 20.11.17

Rhianyn’s Learning Log


I learned how to do the haka with Mrs. McLaughlin. I think I did well in my group because I made sure everyone else got a turn. I didn’t know that rugby players do the haka before a match.

My favourite thing this week was Buddy Time because we got to talk about our feelings. My buddy already knew about a lot of feelings. I was very proud of her.

I am going to use a dictionary more often to help me spell words I don’t know.

We did some team building exercises with the Leith Academy Sports Leaders this week. We had to communicate with our team and help each other to complete the tasks. It was great fun!

In the ICT suite we worked with our partners on our Space research. We learned how to ask specific questions and how to bookmark useful pages.